Intertape Adds Speed, Output and Technology with Six-Up Stretch Film Line

(Fulton, New York)--Packaging industry leader Intertape Polymer Group Inc. is achieving even faster line speeds at its facility in Danville, Virginia, with a new Black Clawson Converting Machinery stretch film line from Davis-Standard, LLC. The new line, installed last fall, is consistently running between 2,000 and 2,200 feet per minute (610 and 670 meters per minute), with outputs netting up to 4,700 pounds per hour (2,136 kg per hour). Together with Intertape, Davis-Standard designed the six-up 120-inch (3 meter) line to run 53 to 350 gauge (13.5 to 89 micron) standard and differential cling films. In addition to high speeds and output, the line was value-engineered by combining standard and proprietary custom equipment using modular pre-wired machine concepts. This provided significant reductions in field installation and start-up time and reduced costs related to wiring, piping and site work.

"We're using the new line to produce 68 and 78 gauge film (17 and 20 micron) at an average minimum winding speed of 2,000 feet per minute on respective film grades on a continual basis, maxing out near 2,200 feet per minute frequently," said David Bennett, Intertape's operations manager. "The only time we stop is for routine die lip cleaning. The line has performed exceptionally well and the modular concept worked well for us from the perspective of overall cost and ease of installation."
The 120-inch (3,048mm) net finished stretch film line is capable of processing multiple co-extruded sub skin layers. This is made possible via five high-output extruders specifically sized to process Intertape's co-extruded film structures. The screws were custom designed to process Intertape's Genesys and Stretch Flex 5LI proprietary formulations, which offer a higher degree of differential cling and film properties while allowing processing stability at elevated line speeds.
In addition, the line includes a unique vacuum box, an oversized chill roll, and optimized processing techniques for stable edge pinning without edge encapsulation. Edge and bleed trims are continuously reclaimed and directly fed back into the core extruders, eliminating the need for re-pelletizing or densification. For added efficiency, the line features an automatic roll and core handling system and "BMW II" winder with a center core shaft support for high-speed stability and in-line slitting. The entire system and process is linked together with the Integrator Pro control system. The entire control system is modem-accessed for expedited service and process assistance.

Intertape's production manager Bob Wise added, "This line produces minimal scrap. The average scrap is around 0.4 percent, which is impressive considering the line speeds. On a restart after a die lip clean, we are back to speed and packing all six rolls in two turn ups of the winder."

Intertape, based in Montreal, Quebec, and Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida, employs approximately 2,600 employees with operations in 15 locations. The company develops and manufactures specialized polyolefin plastic and paper packaging products and complementary packaging systems. This includes product lines for industrial distribution, pressure-sensitive tape, shrink film and stretch wrap, as well as woven and flexible intermediate bulk containers. Intertape's performance products, including tapes and cloths, are designed for demanding aerospace, automotive and industrial applications and sold to a broad range of industrial/specialty distributors, retail stores and large end-users in diverse industries. For more information, visit

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