Interscan Corporation Launches Its New Line of Multipoint Sequential Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Factory Automation Controls Are Utilized Throughout for Better Performance

CHATSWORTH, CA, February 6 -- For many toxic gas detection applications—especially carbon monoxide monitoring in parking garages and tunnels—stream-switching or sequential monitoring of the many sample points is a cost-effective, safe, and viable approach. Two of the new SQ Series systems have been installed in the large underground parking facility of a major financial services company, replacing Interscan systems that had successfully logged more than 20 years of continuous operation.

Built around a programmable logic controller (PLC), with all user input and display at a color touchscreen, the systems provide three user-adjustable alarm levels, and supply two 4-20mA outputs: one for the gas concentration, the other identifying the point currently being sampled. A comprehensive help function is available right at the touchscreen.

The sample draw functionality uses two heavy-duty diaphragm pumps. One draws the current sample, the other pulls "pre-sample" air into the system one point ahead of the sample point being monitored, thus providing fresh sample to the sensor at each sequential point advance. All sample lines are equipped with a flow sensor, enabling both flow rate display at the touchscreen and fault indication should a line encounter a flow restriction.

Sample point dwell times are individually adjustable, and points can be selected for continuous monitoring or removal from the sequencing. Gas concentration alarms and system faults are displayed, and are also logged for later reference at the touchscreen. The system provides Modbus and TCP/IP output—ideal to input building management systems (BMS)—for gas concentration-based ventilation control.

If output to the BMS is all that is required in a particular application, the gas alarm relays and 4-20mA analog can be left out, for a significant cost savings.

Routine maintenance is reduced by virtue of the auto-zero and optional auto-calibrate features.

Further details on the new SQ Series systems are posted on the company's website...

About Interscan Corporation

Established in 1975 and independently owned, Interscan Corporation is a leading manufacturer of toxic gas detection systems. Known especially for its custom designs and niche application areas, Interscan products can be found in such diverse industries as aerospace, agriculture, building management, chemicals, forest products, health care, petroleum refining, and steelmaking.

Interscan analyzers are also well introduced into regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Company Name: Interscan Corporation
Address 1: PO Box 2496
City: Chatsworth
State: CA
Zip: 91313-2496
Country: USA
Phone: 1 800 458-6153

Contact Name: Michael D. Shaw
Title: Executive Vice President/Director of Marketing

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