Interscan Corporation Announces Four Gas Detection Oriented Units-Conversion Spreadsheets, Available on Its Website

Downloadable Spreadsheets Ease Conversion of Common Gas Detection Measurement Units

CHATSWORTH, Calif., May 12 - Interscan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems and related software, has posted four spreadsheets, in MS-Excel format, that allow conversion of parts-per-million and parts-per-billion to milligrams per cubic meter and micrograms per cubic meter, as well as from volume percent to grams per cubic meter.

These spreadsheets, allowing the user to plug-in the starting concentration value, molecular weight, and temperature, are downloadable from the Tech Center portion of the company's website

While many government agencies favor the "mass per volume" style in official communications, most measuring instruments do not read out in these units. Thus, accurate conversion is important.

Further complicating the issue is that many users are not aware that proper conversion requires temperature input, and many formulas that are promulgated merely make the conversions at "standard conditions," but the real world is not always at standard conditions.

Also available are a table of molecular weights for many compounds that are commonly detected, a molecular weight calculator, and an extensive table of data on flammable and combustible compounds.

About Interscan Corporation

Established in 1975 and independently owned, Interscan Corporation is a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems. Known especially for its custom systems and niche application areas, Interscan products can be found in such diverse industries as aerospace, agriculture, building management, chemicals, health care, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and steelmaking.

Interscan analyzers are also well introduced into regulatory agencies throughout the world.

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Company Information:

Name: Interscan Corporation
Address: PO Box 2496
City: Chatsworth
State: CA
Zip: 91313-2496
Phone: 1 800 458-6153 (US and Canada)
(818) 882-2331
FAX: (818) 341-0642

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