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CHESTERLAND OH — At CAS DataLoggers we occasionally receive calls from Accsense users asking if and when they should manually disconnect their connection alarms, since by default the system’s alarms are always on. For example, hospitals often conduct periodic tests on their generators to verify that backup power is available. However these tests can cause network issues, and if internet connection drops while running the test, Accsense will immediately trigger a connection alarm. To avoid getting these false positives users momentarily disconnect the connection alarm…at least that’s the intention. In practice, users might forget to re-enable the alarms, so our technical support suggests that you avoid disconnecting your alarms for any reason, however tempting at the time.

Again, you should never manually disconnect your alarms. This is our recommended policy and the only way to be completely sure that your alarms are always armed for a real emergency. However, if you still decide to disconnect your alarms by logging into your account, keep a checklist next to the data logger or gateway as a reminder to re-enable alarming as soon as you’re done. These reminders aren’t as safe as keeping the alarms enabled, but this way you have a familiar procedure to run through.

Accsense has several wired and wireless models to cover all your monitoring points at a cost-effective price. Our Accsense Wired Ethernet pods support Power over Ethernet for a lower cost and easier maintenance than traditional wiring so you don’t need a wireless gateway. Each of these data loggers has inputs for external sensors including 2 RTDs and a thermocouple, and also includes a power adapter and Ethernet cables. In the event of a power failure or network connection loss, A2-05 pods keep running for another 6 hours on their internal lithium batteries, during which the data loggers will continue to buffer data.

Cloud-based storage lets you view all your critical data in real time. Login to through any Web browser to view reports and graphs or configure the system from anywhere Internet connection is available. All the data goes out to the Web right away, making Accsense the only remote monitoring system on the market with virtually no impact on server structure, IT overhead, and minimal impact on bandwidth.

Sophisticated alarm capabilities send phone call alerts, texts and emails as soon as any of your medical units, products or machinery goes out of specification. Accsense continually monitors your inventories, increasing safety measures and decreasing staff response times while automatically sending their data to our completely secure cloud servers.

For more information on Accsense wired and wireless monitoring systems, other automated datalogging systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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