International Substance Detection Firm IDenta Enters Partnership With Jant Pharmacal

Co-Branded Drug Detection Products to be Named Accutest-IDenta

JERUSALEM, Israel, February 12 -- IDenta Corp. (OTC Pink Sheets: IDTA) announced today that it has agreed to enter a strategic partnership with Jant Pharmacal,, based in Encino California. The agreement is for Jant to have the exclusive distribution of IDenta's STINGER line of professional drug identification products in the United States. The products will bear the new co-brand name of Accutest-IDenta.

"This agreement once again confirms the representations our company has put forth now for many years," stated Yaacov Shoham, CEO of IDenta Corp. "IDenta has a superior drug detection product line which performs with 100% accuracy. Jant Pharmacal is an outstanding company to be associated with, and IDenta is committed to developing a partnership which we believe will help further our reputations as industry leaders. I want to personally thank Mr. Eyal Golan, Manager of Business Development for Jant Pharmacal for his expertise in negotiating this agreement, and for the long hours he has put in to get this far in such a very short time. We expect that the sales of Accutest-IDenta to have an immediate impact on our revenues."

The relationship with Jant Pharmacal has been in development for only a few months with IDenta's products being successfully demonstrated by the company at several major events last months including:

1) 42nd California Narcotic Officers' Association Expo
2) The National Safety Council's Congress & Expo in San Diego
3) COPSWest - Americas Premier Law Enforcement Expo

The events resulted in a very large numbers of leads for IDenta products all over the country, which helped initiate the resulting strategic partnership between the two companies.

Jant Pharmacal currently has over 50 representatives in the United States who are selling the company's drug and explosive detection products to law enforcement and security agencies on the federal, state and local level. A very detailed strategic plan for the introducing the Accutest-IDenta product line to the company's representatives, and their client base has already been developed. Some changes are currently being made to enhance the new product's packaging, as well as formalizing revised training procedures.

The new Accutest-IDenta products are expected to be ready for a final launch in March, but will soon be placed on the Accutest website,

About Jant Pharmacal:

Jant Pharmacal Corporation was founded in 1986, with a specialization in diagnostics products for the point-of-care markets, including medical, safety/industrial and homeland security segments. Jant Pharmacal Corporation offers one of the largest selections of drug testing products and services in the United States, with an active network of sales representatives and established channels of distribution. Products are marketed under Jant's proprietary labels, including Accutest® and Accustrip®, through national and international distributors, as well as through client private labels.

Jant's products are used in many settings including the workplace, drug treatment centers, hospitals, laboratories, police, probation and parole, and narcotic enforcement agencies. In addition to the United States, Jant Pharmacal Corp also has extensive distribution internationally.


Since 2003, IDenta Corporation has become recognized as a world-wide leader in the development of proprietary on-site drug detection kits and most recently explosive detection kits. IDenta develops, manufactures and distributes products for the both professional and civil markets which consistently pass the highest qualifications and testing procedures of law enforcement and security agencies around the world. The company has corporate representatives in 20 countries including companies in the U.S., China, France, Indonesia, Poland, Great Britain, Argentina, Ghana, Venezuela etc. Information concerning IDenta's business plan and product line, may be found at and

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Source: Identa Corp

Yaacov Shoham, IDenta Corp., CEO, Tel: +972-52-6554487, +972-8-9716874 Fax: +972-8-9716875, [email protected]; For Investor Relations in the United States contact: Randy Jacobs, US Corporate Spokesman, [email protected], +1-800-316-9437

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