InterClean Equipment of Ypsilanti, Michigan has Recently Commissioned the Newly Developed Rainbow Ultima Wash System

YPSILANTI, Mich.,  -- InterClean Equipment of Ypsilanti, Michigan has recently commissioned the newly developed Rainbow Ultima Wash System for Heidelberg Distributing Company in Cincinnati, OH.  The Rainbow Ultima, first produced in the 1970's and now launched in North-America, is a "Roll Over" / "Gantry" type portal machine which has the most advanced control system and produces unparalleled contouring accuracy.  It offers a wide range of selectable and built in programming elements to customize wash programs for a wide variety of vehicles. There are several cleaning methods to customize the washing process, including Brushes, Touchless V-spray or Zero Degree - Nozzle Oscillating High Pressure Systems, Spinners or a combination of them all. Standard wash cycle time is under 3 minutes.

Heidelberg Distributing Company, like other distribution companies, use their fleet of vehicles for product branding and merchandising making it very important to keep the vehicles clean, and to prevent the graphics from being damaged by the wash process.  The Rainbow Ultima Wash System provided the best solution for their needs and provides sparkling results.

The complete system includes technological advantages to reduce electrical and water usage. The advanced TammerNet Remote Management Control System enables the operators and service personnel to monitor the Wash System remotely through the Internet and view the wash as it is in use through the camera system.

About InterClean Equipment:

InterClean is a Michigan based manufacturer of heavy duty vehicle wash systems. Offering a full range of vehicle wash packages, InterClean has designed systems for truck, bus, train, mining and military applications globally. You are invited to visit our website to learn more about InterClean Equipment:

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