Integrator(TM) Upgrade Saves B. Braun Time and Money

(Fulton, N.Y.)--The installation of a new Davis-Standard Integrator(TM) C control system has economically improved film processing for B. Braun's Plastics Business Unit in Irvine, California. B. Braun, a global supplier of healthcare products, installed the Integrator on a
25-year-old film line to replace an outdated CMR control unit. Davis-Standard was proactive in implementing the program for B. Braun with an engineered solution and complete installation responsibilities. Since the July install, B. Braun has realized greater efficiencies through the Integrator's digital format, significantly improving line performance and reducing downtime by enabling early diagnosis of potential issues. The collaborative effort between Davis-Standard and B. Braun also helped limit the excessive costs and risks associated with a major upgrade.

"The film line receiving the Integrator runs 80 percent of our internal needs. We knew it needed upgrades; at one time we thought we might have to replace the entire line. It was a high-risk project that could have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for each day we were down," said John Taylor, Manufacturing Manager, B. Braun Plastics Business Unit, Irvine. "With the Integrator, we solved performance issues while saving time and money. We kept our downtime to a minimum and were able to boost the line's performance for the price of a control unit. Davis-Standard is currently working with us on a die upgrade, which will be integrated into the system very soon."

The Integrator replaced B. Braun's existing CMR supervisory control unit, which is no longer available. Davis-Standard offers several options to accommodate system requirements and budget parameters for these older supervisory systems. The new single-point Integrator provides the functionality of the CMR with additional features including recipe management, historical data trending and alarms. It also features a new PLC drive interface, improved temperature controls and enhanced gauge control based on the age of the existing gauge system.

B. Braun Project Engineer Mark Tanouye, who was responsible for this project, has been very impressed by the Integrator's performance.

"The Integrator C has very intuitive screens, it is easy to understand, and aids in troubleshooting," he said. "Davis-Standard's personnel were very responsive during the entire process. Initially, we thought it would be a three-week installation and we were able to get it done in two. They have an outstanding knowledge base, so there was no need to explain; they just automatically knew the issues we needed to solve."

B. Braun supplies the global healthcare market with products for anesthesia, intensive medicine, cardiology, extra corporeal blood treatment and surgery, as well as services for hospitals, general practitioners and the homecare sector. The company has 35,000 employees in 50 countries.

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Christine Maxam
Global Marketing Administrator
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