Insulating with Icynene Spray Foam Gives Habitat for Humanity Projects a Higher Return on Investment

Charlotte, NC - Icynene Corp.'s energy efficient LD-C-50 spray foam insulation will help reduce annual heating and cooling costs up to an estimated 30% at a local Habitat for Humanity build in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Installed on the roof deck, in the band joists and wall cavities containing plumbing and wiring, areas that are problematic for standard insulation, Icynene will tighten the structure, reduce air infiltration and deliver a healthier and more energy efficient home.

Habitat Charlotte's dedicated staff and volunteers built a quality home with an eye on environmental sustainability. These homes are built to LEED standards and certified Energy Star, measures designed to help Habitat homeowners optimize operating costs for their homes.

"To become involved in a project such as Habitat Charlotte closely aligns with Icynene's core values and we are thrilled to have been able to be part of this project. Through the use of an environmentally-sound insulation solution like Icynene LD-C-50, the owners of this new home can reduce the need of excessive heating and cooling during peak periods and significantly reduce their monthly utility expenses," said Icynene President and CEO Howard Deck.

"We insulated the underside of the roof deck with a high performance air barrier, instead of batt insulation on the attic floor, so we essentially put a cap on this home. This brings the mechanical equipment and duct work into a friendlier environment and keeps the air that you are paying for inside the building envelope," said Tim Kennedy of Healthy Home insulation, the Icynene contractor working with Habitat Charlotte.

"This homeowner will no longer have those extreme attic temperatures experienced with traditional vented attics; the spray foam insulated unvented attic will maintain even temperatures throughout the year. Healthy Home Insulation is excited to be part of the building science movement toward energy efficient homes at all price points. Habitat owners, like all homeowners deserve the most efficient home possible," said Tim.

The incremental expense to securely insulate the home with Icynene spray foam is more than offset with energy savings meaning positive cash flow for the consumer.

Homes built as part of Habitat for Humanity are sold at a 0% interest rate to help families own their own home in the spirit of community and inclusiveness.

About Icynene Corp.

Established in 1986, Icynene helps to build energy efficient residential and commercial structures in over 31 countries worldwide. Our portfolio of industry leading light density open cell and medium density closed cell SPF solutions are both insulation and air barrier materials for improved indoor air quality and reduced energy costs making Icynene the smart choice for builders, architects, building owners, and homeowners.

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