Insight Digital Signage, the Leading Manufacturer of Protective Enclosures for LCD Display Equipment Has Introduced a Completely Weather Proof Digital Menu Board Enclosure Product

Our Digital Menu Board enclosure has been designed to endure even the harshest of environments while constantly providing complete protection to the LCD it houses. In the dead of winter, or in a desert heat storm, the Digital Menu board enclosure maintains an appropriate internal temperature, preventing any costly downtime and replacement from freezing or overheating. The completely water proof Digital Menu Board will stand the test of time where ever the location may be.

The Outdoor Digital Menu Board can serve as a single screen unit, or multiple units can be attached for double screen menus and even triple screen menus. The Outdoor Digital Menu Board will easily coincide with any existing signs, advertisements, or menus already in place.

Digital Menu Boards allow users to convey their message more effectively than static menu boards and reduces the cost of creating new graphics. With a high bright display your menu board will be highly visible even in the brightest sunlight. Our Digital Menu Board can even display eye catching advertisements in addition to the menu products. Insight Digital Signage's Outdoor Digital Menu Board provides the most attractive and the least costly solution for any outdoor menu need.

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