Inovaxe Brings the New InoKit SMART Carrier to the SMTA Wisconsin Expo

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL — Inovaxe, a world leader and provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, will exhibit at the SMTA Wisconsin Expo Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at the Milwaukee Airport Crowne Plaza. Inovaxe will display the InoKit SMART Carrier. The new carrier offers fast return on investment (ROI).

The InoKit SMART Carrier stores 78 7" SMT reels and lights up to identify the parts required.  The InoKit SMART Carrier can either light up all of the parts required for the kit or just one location at a time to prioritize the pick list pull.  Six of the InoKit SMART small reel carriers will fit on a 5'5.25" H x 2'1"W x 1'9" mobile rack, of which one of the carrier rack locations will house the computer and bar code scanner with the InoAuto Locator software.

InoKit Smart Carriers are an ultra-lean solution for the storage and kitting of parts. They can be located right next to feeders or SMT lines to load directly from stock to WIP or the SMT line. 

For more information about how Inovaxe's innovative material handling systems and services can improve your inventory accuracy and reduce your labor costs, meet company representatives at the SMTA Wisconsin Expo Tech Forum or visit

About Inovaxe Corp.

Inovaxe Corporation is focused on delivering innovative production and inventory management solutions to the electronics industry. The Company's product offering includes ambient air Smart and Passive (InoAuto, InoCarts and InoKits) and Moisture Sensitive Device Material Storage Hardware (InoCart MSD), a Supply Chain Management System (InoVision), an inventory/kitting software management tool (InoView), and InoAuto Locator software for locating components. For more information and a demonstration of Inovaxe products, visit


Inovaxe Corp.

Deerfield Beach, FL



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