Infrastructure Repair Systems Shows How the Right Liner Weight Saves Money in Sewer Repairs

Saint Petersburg, Florida -- Infrastructure Repair Systems, a St Petersburg firm serving private contractors, engineers and municipal governments, has developed a cost effective system for repairing aging sewer systems that will keep pipes operational for the remaining life of the sewage system.

Using patented processes, IRSI has developed a surefire system of correctly determining liner weights used in their Mainline and Lateral Point Repair systems, which dramatically reduce costs while increasing effectiveness.

Trenchless Point Repair is a method of repairing existing sewer, water, gas, and chemical pipelines without the costly labor and interruption of service that is associated with a complete excavation.

This method is a no-dig system that can repair any size pipe.  It creates a jointless, seamless pipe within a pipe.  The process involves selecting a liner, wetting it down with an epoxy formulation and then wrapping the saturated liner around a carrier and securing it with patented straps and strings.  The carrier is then inserted into a manhole and pulled to the center of the damaged area. The carrier is inflated with a flow-thru so there is no interruption of service and in 2.5 to three hours pulls the deflated bladder back thru the manhole leaving the new pipe within the damaged pipe.

This type of repair starts with determining the liner weight.  The thinner the liner the less it inhibits the size of the host pipe.  The weight of the liner depends on several factors; the depth of pipe, the head water pressure and the structural strength requirements.  IRSI is the only Trenchless Point Repair System that offers four different liner weights.

The technical managers at IRSI help with the determination of the liner weight by conducting extensive consultations with customers to determine that the correct tool for the job is used. Thousands of dollars can often be saved on repairs by using a lighter weight liner when it is sufficient for a permanent repair.

A Trenchless Point Repair is a permanent structural repair of the damaged pipe.   In most cases the repair is generally stronger then the host pipe!

A recent case was a large diameter pipe missing an entire section.  Infrastructure Repair Systems used the heaviest liner due to the massive size of the void.  This method was more cost effective than digging a trench and replacing the entire pipe, and was a permanent repair.

Engineers in the sewer industry often say that many of the problems that are seen today were caused by original installations.  Roots are always looking for water and food source and any cracks or separated joints left exposed became an open door for intrusion.  In a case such as this a standard weight liner would be used to cover the crack providing a waterproof and airtight permanent seal at the lowest possible cost.

Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of the patented Trenchless Infrastructure Point Repair System for Mainlines and Laterals, and Infrastructure Concrete and Manhole Rehabilitation Products.

With over 35,000 installations in the ground to its credit, IRSI is the leading provider of trenchless spot repair systems in North America.

For more information on Trenchless Point Repair liners and system, contact IRSI at 877-327-4216 or visit the website at

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