Industrial Ethernet Solution with High MTBF for Maximum Reliability

Taipei, Taiwan, 13 July, 2007- Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of Industrial Networking and communication solutions, proudly offers a complete range of Industrial Ethernet solution complying with high MTBF for maximum reliability in industrial applications.

One of the key issues in deploying an Industrial Ethernet device is to ensure device reliability in terms of quality and device availability in terms of functions. Industrial Ethernet is the implementation of Ethernet to carry information inside or outside a plant floor. In this scenario where harsh environment is present, having an Industrial Ethernet device with high MTBF like the Ethernet Direct switches will protect the system against unexpected network disruption.

MTBF denotes Mean-Time-Between-Failure. It is an analysis to determine the reliability of an item in terms of a probability of success or failure, over a given operating period. The MTBF of Ethernet Direct's products are calculated based on Mil-Hdbk-217F, GB and Bellcore. Stringent analysis is implemented with respect to the electronic components and the maturity of the product design to justify that Ethernet Direct products meet harsh environment and our commitment to provide 5-year warranty.
In order to perform product analysis to make Ethernet Direct products more reliable, we carry out the following two methods.

Reliability Prediction by means of Parts Count MTBF Parts count MTBF is a first approximation of the calculated reliability of a device or system. The MTBF is a calculated metric based on one of two industry standards. Mil-Hdbk-217 is a military standard for the calculation of reliability of a device or system. Bellcore is a commercial standard used in commercial and industrial equipment. The MTBF analysis accounts for the pedigree of components used, improvements relating to burn-in to eliminate mortality failures, operating environment and temperature. In this analysis, a generic default for the stress is applied to each component type used in the Ethernet Direct products.

Stress and Derating Analysis

Stress based analysis accounts for the actual stress applied to each component in the product. It shows a detailed percentage accounting of the applicable Voltage, Current and Power stress on each individual element within a device or system with regards to the component rating. Most failures in a device or system are a direct result of overstress of the element compared with its rating. These common issues have been resolved by Ethernet Direct during the early stages of product design.
Understanding the logic behind MTBF when choosing the right Industrial Ethernet device is important. High MTBF figure is inaccurate if the analysis is unknown. Ethernet Direct is a company that truly emphasizes on product reliability. Therefore, we implement the MTBF not only by theoretical calculation but as well as different analysis & techniques during each stage of Product development to ensure that every product delivered meets the strictest design quality control.

Ethernet Direct products are the highest quality products with superior specifications and we stand behind this quality by providing extended 5 year warrantees.
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