Industrial Blowers no Match for Shaver Noise Abating Enclosures

Kitchener, ON – A sound leakage of just one percent can result in a loss of noise abatement of more than 50%, decreasing productivity and damaging employee working conditions. Shaver Industries has developed an extensive library of noise abatement products suited for any noise abatement application, including enclosures and portable screens, pipe lagging, wall and ceiling panels, absorbers, ceiling baffles and outdoor sound solutions.

Recently, they were approached by a leading Canadian financial services processing provider to manage the noise level of a small room used for shipping and receiving of packages. Courier drivers come and go from the space during the day, and future plans included installation of three blowers to collect paper scrap from throughout the facility via a series of pipes. Once the blowers are installed, the room's decibel level will exceed acceptable levels.

The Shaver solution will reduce the noise levels by enclosing the blowers with flexible noise blankets and custom framework. These customized, cost-efficient enclosures will contain the noise at its source and allow the company to comply with 85 dBA and OSHA regulations.

"Every Shaver enclosure is different and cannot be bought 'off the shelf'," says Mark Shaver, president of Shaver Industries. "Working closely with this customer, we developed the right noise reduction solution to appropriately control the amount of sound escaping, meeting their needs and their requirements." 

Shaver offers a range of industrial grade noise solutions, each designed to increase efficiency while improving employee safety and comfort. Each noise control product can drastically reduce noise in an overall environment as well as target and address a specific noise source. Shaver custom designs each enclosure, regardless of size, to accommodate access into an area, if needed, and when necessary, to allow appropriate venting to cool blower motors.

About Shaver Industries

Established in 1986, Shaver Industries is a trusted name in the noise abatement business, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele. The company has supply and strategic partners in North America and Europe, to offer customers technologically advanced products at competitive prices. Shaver's main strength is evident in the relationships they build with their customers. For additional information on the noise reduction capabilities of Shaver Industries, visit or For immediate assistance, they can be reached at 1-888-766-8328 or

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