Inductoheat Technology Spotlight 2010

Inductoheat, an Inductotherm Group Company, is dedicated to providing customers high-quality induction heat treating and forge heating equipment. Our innovation in induction power supplies more than 40 years ago is the foundation for the development of breakthrough technology today. Our new products incorporate flexible, modular design and are built with lean manufacturing principles. With the constant evolution of our proven, patented products, Inductoheat will continue to bring the best technology to our customers around the globe.

Innovative Induction Systems For 2010

The NEW Single Coil Dual Frequency Induction Gear Hardening System is ideal for high-volume hardening of internal wide-face, gear-like components. The total power exceeds 1,200kW, comprising of medium frequency (10kHz) and high frequency (120kHz - 400kHz) power modules that work not just simultaneously, but in any desirable sequence to minimize part distortion and provide superior hardness patterns. Total heat time can be minimized to about 1.5 seconds.

The NEW Large Gear Hardening System is perfect for hardening medium to large gears and bearing rings. This accurately controlled induction hardening system can selectively harden specific areas of gear teeth and bearing races with minimum shape distortion, improved contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.

Other Market Leading Systems

The CrankPro® System is a non-rotational induction hardening and tempering machine for crankshafts. This equipment utilizes advanced SHarP-C(TM) technology that eliminates the rotation of the crankshaft and movement of the inductor during heating and quenching cycles. Advantages include robust machined coil, short heat times < 3 seconds, production rates up to 120 parts per hour, low part distortion and convenient changeover from V8 to V6 to 4 cylinder crankshafts.

The InductoScan® Modular Heat Treating System unique design allows for a wide range of power supplies (50 - 300kW) at (3 - 200 kHz), controls (PLC HMI or Allen Bradley®) and material handling components to be integrated onto a common base to better match production needs. The InductoScan® system is perfect for almost all automotive components. Depending on your part specification, the InductoScan® system can induction heat treat by scanning, single-shot, lift/rotate, pick & place, rotary index or linear transfer.

IROSS(TM) Low Frequency Systems can be used for a broad range of thermal applications including; preheat for welding, removal and cure of coatings and friction weld and swage stress relieving. FluxManager® systems use a shaped magnetic flux concentrator that provides deep and supreme uniform temperature distribution, ID/OD, laterally, and longitudinally along extended lengths of pipe ends.

The InductoForge® Modular Forge Heating System uses power modules that are capable of running at a wide range of frequencies with minimal change: (500Hz to 6000Hz). Each module is individually controlled using the IHAZ(TM) Temperature Profile Modeling computer program, which generates optimum-running parameters and set points, resulting in a much finer and more accurate billet temperature.

CrankPro, InductoScan, SHarP-C, IROSS, InductoForge, FluxManager and IHAZ are trademarks owned by Inductoheat, Inc. Allen-Bradley is a trademark owned by Allen-Bradley, LLC.

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