Inductoheat Inc. Launches New "Professor Induction" Blog

Madison Heights, MI - Inductoheat Inc., the world leader of induction heating technologies, has developed a new micro-website, exclusively for those in search of technical information related to all aspects of induction heating.

The main contributor to is Inductoheat's very own Dr. Valery Rudnev, FASM. Dr. Rudnev is one of the leading global figures in induction heating. He is known among heat treating professionals as "Professor Induction" and welcomes you to this NEWLY published blog! Dr. Rudnev solves Inductoheat customers' heating related issues with his scientific and technical expertise for the last 17 years. His credentials include 29 years of experience in induction heating, 21 patents and 162 publications. He also co-authored the "Handbook of Induction Heating" and six chapters for three different handbooks devoted to steel heat treatment. will discuss subject matter for materials science, metallurgy, electromagnetics, induction heat treating, joining, computer modeling and process development. Dr. Rudnev provides his expertise pro bono. He also advises on our sister company Radyne Corp. applications.

Inductoheat is dedicated to the continual improvement of induction technologies and wants to offer the best induction products and services for your entire thermal processing needs.

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