Imsys Launches Major Upgrade of Popular SIMM-72 Snap Module

Stockholm, Sweden - Imsys AB, a leading manufacturer of processors, modules and tools for Java-based networked embedded applications, today announces a new performance level on a new generation of the SNAP Classic.

After several generations of successive improvement of the module design, this is a major upgrade of the SNAP Classic platform with a new generation processor. The new SNAP Classic offers greatly improved performance while reducing cost and power consumption, retaining all the legacy and adding new compelling features.

The main peripheral interfaces are integrated with the new processor, which has been extended with features addressing the needs for low power, security, graphics, signal processing and display systems. The new revision of the SNAP module will make this vastly improved technology accessible to the many users of the legacy SNAP module and custom designs derived from it. No redesign is needed of customer hardware or software. All application software will run unchanged.

The SNAP Classic module is a drop-in replacement for the DSTINI390® reference design - a Java-based networked controller. Using the same module size and interfaces, the SNAP Classic provides all interfaces supported on the TINI platform including 10/100 Mbit full duplex Ethernet, RS-232, 1-Wire, CAN, I2C, SPI, GPIO, and even an emulation of the Dallas microprocessor bus.

The SNAP Classic performance is achieved through the code efficiency inherent in Imsys' processors where the Java® Virtual Machine is implemented in microcode. The new SNAP Classic has a POSIX compliant (Linux-like) real-time OS and a flash file-system with wear leveling, and a processor that executes the application typically 50-100 times faster than TINI-390 or TINI-400. Imsys' processor performance now enables complex applications that until now have not been possible to run on this kind of modules.

SNAP Classic offers the user a number of new features, available at release date or planned for future firmware upgrade. For heavy duty, floating point computations it offers a performance increase of over 200 times that of TINI®. A "crypto engine" consisting of 27 new opcodes support ARC4, DES, AES, RSA, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, accelerating them by a factor of up to 43 times compared to their C code implementations on the same processor.

For development, the SNAP Classic user can either use free Java tools or buy the optional Imsys Developer, a professional IDE that enables the developer to use a mix of Java, C, and assembler programming.

The SNAP Classic is also compatible with motherboards from Systronix and other companies.

The module is based on an open royalty-free design were the customer will have free access to schematics, bill of material and all documentation needed for their own manufacturing and if necessary, modification and alterations.

The new SNAP Classic will be available in the second quarter of 2010 at a price of $99 each in quantities of 10k.

For Further Information Please Contact:

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Imsys is an innovative fabless semiconductor company that supplies world-leading processors, modules and tools for embedded applications. The company develops reconfigurable processor merging hardware and software into platforms. The processors can be programmed in Java, C, assembler and microcode. An important part of the company offering is the Internet enabled reference modules shipped as ready-to-go subsystems with complete operating system and file system environment. Target segments for the integrated hardware and software platform are wired and wireless communications, graphic display technologies and image processing applied in telecom, automotive, industrial automation and consumer electronics.

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