ILSCO® Connectors Installed in Cincinnati Zoo Solar Array Project

The Cincinnati Zoo recently completed a project in which 6,400 solar panels were installed by ProtekPark Solar on a canopy structure over one of the Zoo's parking lots. ILSCO's TA-300 connectors were installed in forty-five combiner boxes which are used for electrical distribution and act as a termination point for each solar panel or array.

This solar panel array will generate 20% of the electricity used to power the Cincinnati Zoo which according to Thayne Maynard, Zoo Director, is "recognized as the greenest zoo in America...this new solar array the largest publicly accessible and urban solar array anywhere in America."

Today, harnessing the sun to produce energy is at the forefront of renewable energy projects around the globe and ILSCO is grateful for the opportunity to provide TA-300 connectors in the completion of this project.

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4730 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45227

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