Illinois Capacitor Inc. Acquired by Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc.

Lincolnwood, IL – It was announced today that Illinois Capacitor Inc., and its affiliates have been acquired by Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc. This acquisition brings together two of the leading manufacturers of capacitors for the electronics marketplace. For the foreseeable future, Illinois Capacitor will operate as a separate subsidiary of Cornell Dubilier, and will continue to be headquartered in suburban Chicago. Its Asian headquarters will remain in Hong Kong.

The two companies have mostly complementary product lines, with some areas of overlap. Illinois Capacitor and its customers will benefit by an expansion of product sales and distribution resources, as well as enhanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Cornell Dubilier will gain product breadth with Illinois Capacitor’s extensive board-level product lines, which include aluminum electrolytic, polymer, film and EDLC (super) capacitors and modules.

Illinois Capacitor President Basil Jacobson said, “We are thrilled to be joining the Cornell Dubilier team. Both companies will be exceptionally well positioned to expand sales through broadening product offerings and sales outlets. At this time, Cornell Dubilier has very strong product distribution in the US, with IC having extensive capabilities in Asia.” Jacobson continued, “In addition, the product line expansion will create opportunities for both brands.”

Both companies are privately held and both have grown up with the electronics industry. Illinois Capacitor traces its history back over 80 years, with Cornell Dubilier’s roots extending over 100 years. There are also many shared values among the two organizations, with very high emphasis on product quality, customer service and delivery. Cornell Dubilier has facilities in New Bedford, MA; Liberty, SC; Mexicali, Mexico and Shanghai, China.

About Cornell Dubilier

A leading manufacturer of capacitors for the power electronics market, dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications since its founding in 1909. Cornell Dubilier combines innovative product technologies with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for renewable energy, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, telecom, and UPS systems; as well as solar power, wind power and fuel cell inverter applications and DC link capacitors.

About Illinois Capacitor Illinois

Capacitor is a leading manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic, aluminum polymer, metalized film and power film capacitors for electronics, along with super capacitors (EDLC or ultra capacitors) and modules for an even wider range of applications. Through close involvement with customers and suppliers, IC has been able to stay current with market needs and consistently deliver the components most needed for today’s high performance end products.

Contact: Morrie Goldman (Definitive Marketing, Inc.) 847-424-1000

Basil Jacobson (Illinois Capacitor, Inc.) 847-675-1760

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