IFS partners with JBoss®, reaffirming commitment to open standards

IFS announced today the signing of a JBoss Certified Solution Partner agreement with JBoss, Inc. The agreement gives IFS development and support organizations higher levels of official JBoss support, enabling IFS to raise service levels and further enhance product integration for customers running IFS Applications(TM) on the JBoss Application Server.

In a world of rapid change and complex global supply chains, companies are increasingly demanding co-existence between business applications. Web-based collaboration and the transition to service-oriented architectures makes middleware required by modern applications a vital part of any corporate IT infrastructure.

"Rather than using the application to force particular middleware onto our customers, we allow customers to choose the middleware," said IFS chief technology officer Dan Johansson. "This enables them to consolidate IFS Applications with other applications on common middleware, reducing staff requirements, license and maintenance fees, and other costs."

IFS is unique among the major ERP vendors in offering customers a wide range of middleware on which to run their business applications. In addition to JBoss, IFS allows customers to choose leading middleware technologies from IBM and Oracle. Over the last two years, more than 100 customers have gone live with IFS Applications on JBoss.

"Open source middleware has a role to play in the business applications market, and we see a clear interest from our customers," Johansson said. "With JBoss being the leader in open source middleware, this agreement makes it easier for us to develop and support our products in combination with an open source middleware.

"The partnership with JBoss is a natural progression for us: With their backing we are certain to deliver a high-quality product and high-quality support."

"IFS is exactly the type of forward-thinking vendor with which JBoss is looking to form successful partnerships," said Sacha Labourey, General Manager of Europe for JBoss, Inc. "By providing its customers with safe, adaptable choices and high levels of support from the developers of the code, IFS is sending out a powerful message not only to new customers but also to the industry competition. It is taking a step up in its investment in open source by partnering with the leaders."

About IFS and IFS Applications
IFS (XSSE: IFS) is one of the world's leading providers of component-based business software developed using open standards. IFS' industry-focused solutions are optimized for ERP, enterprise asset management, and MRO. IFS Applications(TM) offers companies an integrated lifecycle approach to managing customers, products, assets and services, enabling them to employ lean enterprise concepts, control costs, manage projects, increase efficiencies in their supply chain, and measure their performance.

As a leader in component-based software, IFS delivers tangible business benefits for companies in the aerospace & defense, automotive, construction & facility management, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, process, and utilities & telecom industries. Working in close collaboration with partners, IFS is driving the market to embrace standards and co-existence that offers customers faster payback, reduced risk, and freedom of choice. www.ifsworld.com

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