If at First You Succeed...Deliver, Deliver Again

Repeat business is the best kind of business. It not only shows that you have succeeded but it shows a willingness on both parties to continue to partner up and succeed. And as we all know, success breeds success. Case in point, a building hardware manufacturer and repeat customer of Creform Corporation was searching for another solution to its material delivery needs at one of its plants. The problem was this facility had narrow aisles with tight turns. The solution was a Creform Tite-Space BST AGV. 

The unit recommended by Creform engineers consists of a single Creform AGV that tunnels below the cart to automatically pick it up and deliver it to its next station. The cart features a special Creform hitch plate designed to interface specifically with the BST Series of AGV units. This simple solution has provided the user with a minimal investment and quick payback.

The cart shown features two levels integrated with Creform gravity flow, Placon wide Roller conveyors. A unique feature of the conveyor is that one level flows down for supply, the other returns for replenishment. The cart is constructed with Creform 42 mm pipe and joint components and features a package tray at the top to help the handling of miscellaneous parts and supplies. The cart also includes a rear mounted towing hitch so that a second cart can be towed if needed. With a minimum turning radius of 15.7 in. (400 mm) it slips into tight spots and leaves just as easily.

The Creform Tite Space BST AGV features a low-profile, sleek design consisting of a drive motor, 24 Volt DC system powered by two—12-volt AGM batteries, and guidance sensors. This unit is capable of towing up to 1320 lb. (600kg). It travels in a single direction along an easily installed magnetic tape guidepath at speeds of 13-164 ft./min. (4-50 m/min.) with up to seven speed selections.

This Creform Tite-Space BST AGV will be in operation for two shifts, five to six days per week. The unit runs along 500 ft. long guide path, with a route that features nine stops. The unit stops automatically and restarts after an adjustable set period of time or when initiated by a production associate.

Optional equipment includes battery upgrade for longer run time, opportunity charging system to minimize the need for manual battery changes, radio communications to integrate into a Creform traffic control system and preventative maintenance program.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.           


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