ICC-ES Updates ESR-2631 Verifying Chicago Metallic 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip Meets Code Requirements

Chicago - Chicago Metallic® Corporation's 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip, which is used in ceiling grid suspension systems to stabilize main and cross tees at the perimeter, now is recognized under ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Evaluation Report No. 2631 (ESR-2631). This report is available at www.icc-es.org. A link to ESR-2631, product performance data and other resources are available at www.chicagometallic.com.

In July 2012, ICC-ES issued the revised ESR-2631 to include the previous ESR-2282. The updated ESR-2631 verifies that Chicago Metallic's 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip and suspended ceiling framing systems comply with the 2009 and 2006 International Building Code (IBC), as well as the 2007 and 2010 California Building Code.

According to the IBC, every construction project must meet a Seismic Design Category (SDC) regardless of geography. The IBC outlines six SDCs, A through F, ranging from the least to the most stringent. Chicago Metallic's 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip may be used in all SDCs. For SDC C, this clip can be used in lieu of stabilizer bars that are designed to prevent the tees from spreading during seismic activity. In SDCs D, E and F, it also eliminates stabilizer bars, plus it allows for the use of 15/16-inch wall angle instead of the standard 2-inch angle.

"Our approved seismic perimeter clip saves material and labor costs by eliminating the need to install spacer bars. Installation of the clip goes quickly and smoothly due to pre-drilling of screw holes. Installation time of ceiling panels also is reduced as the spacer channels are eliminated," says Tracy Muller, Chicago Metallic's product manager for suspension systems.

Muller adds, "Suspended ceilings in SDCs D, E and F are subject to periodic special inspections during the installation. The 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip's easy-to-spot brass finish allows inspectors to easily ensure the installation meets code."

Chicago Metallic's ceiling framing members that are recognized under ESR-2631 (and ESR-2822) for use with the 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip are described in Section 4.1.5 and Table 1 of ESR-2631 and include: 1200 Seismic, 4500 Ultraline(TM) and 4600 Ultraline bolt-slot ceiling suspension.

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