Hunter Celebrates 50th Year Serving the Foundry Industry with New Name: 'Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation'

Expanding its pioneering position as the industry’s preeminent innovator, this new corporate name reflects the company’s single focus and dedication

SCHAUMBURG, IL — Hunter, the first name in automated matchplate molding machines and mold handling equipment for the foundry industry, is celebrating its 50th year in a very special way. President and CEO Bill Hunter is announcing the company’s new name: Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation. The company rolled out the new name at Booth #473 throughout Cast Expo 2013, April 6-9th at America’s Center in St. Louis, MO. The company also introduced its new HLM Series automated matchplate molding machines, which are based on Bill Hunter’s newly patented linear motion technology.

Founded in 1964 as Hunter Automated Machinery Corporation, the company’s reputation as a global foundry equipment leader has built steadily, beginning with its creation of the first truly automated matchplate molding machine developed by the company founder, the late William Allan “Al” Hunter.  Since that time it has expanded into linear and rotary mold handling lines, sand handling, preparation and testing equipment, and more.

“Ever since my father founded our company nearly 50 years ago, our reputation has been built on the successful development of new products and technologies for the global foundry industry. It has been our privilege to serve this industry with the latest innovations, as was my father’s vision, ever since,” said Hunter.

“As an inventor, his primary focus was pioneering the automation of matchplate molding and mold handling processes to facilitate our industry’s most backbreaking tasks,” Hunter observed, adding, “As an entrepreneur, he named our company Hunter Automated Machinery Corporation to reflect a potential for creating forward-thinking solutions for other industries, as well.”

“Today we’re looking both at our history and ahead, to our legacy of innovation within the foundry industry,” Hunter stated.  “Accordingly, we announced at Cast Expo 2013 the renaming of our company to Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation, as a reflection of our single-focus past, present, and future exclusively within this industry,” he noted.

According to Hunter, the company has always been 100% dedicated to the foundry market.  “It’s not only our business focus, it’s our inspiration,” he said. “The great people in this industry motivate our company to constantly and tirelessly pursue better ideas, technologies and production solutions for foundries worldwide. Our new name is a clear reflection of our business now, more than ever.”

The company’s introduction of the first gravity-filled automated matchplate molding machine established its history of innovation, and launched the foundry industry into a new industrial revolution. Its original HMP-10 machine streamlined the laborious metal casting process by offering foundries unimagined new production capabilities, producing as many molds in one hour as most had been able to produce in an entire day. As industry demands grew, Hunter responded with advanced solutions such as automated mold handling equipment and coresetters. The company also provides sand handling and sand testing equipment to foundries. 

Hunter's inventions have earned the company nearly 150 patents around the world. With more than 1,800 molding machines and mold handling systems installed around the world, the Hunter sales and service reach extends from its manufacturing sites in North America, South America and China, plus its offices in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, India and Shanghai, to every corner of the globe. Sales and technical support, as well as the company’s $12 million parts inventory, serve to maintain each machine's original production capability, as well as Hunter’s preeminence in the world market.



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