Humphrey Offers Six-Page Brochure On Its HK5 Series Valves

Humphrey Products Company is offering a free six-page product brochure on its HK5 Series valves. The valves offer low leakage and an inert construction that makes them ideal for air, vacuum, other gases or liquids. Their consistent response time provides closer control of functions and flows. The brochure describes all the features and benefits, and includes complete mechanical and electrical specifications, and detailed configuration information for ordering.

HK5 Series direct-acting solenoid valves feature Humphrey's proven diaphragm-poppet valve design, which has no sliding seals, no metal-to-metal contact and requires no lubrication. The valves are a compact 12mm wide and have a pressure rating from 28" Hg to 100 psig at temperatures from 32o to +175oF for air, vacuum and other gases. HKL5 Series valves for liquids have additional specifications. All HK5 Series valves feature multiple porting configurations, can be used as a 2-way or 3-way, normally-closed / normally-open, or as a selector. The valves can be mounted on a manifold or a subbase, with custom manifolds available upon request. All HK5 Series valves are manufactured in the USA and are RoHS compliant.

Printed literature is available by contacting Bonnie Martens at 269-381-5500, and in pdf format on the web at "What's New."

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