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How to Dispose of the Non-Disposable

Press release date: Apr 24, 2014

CP Lab Safety celebrates Earth Day with a new blog that provides resources for managing expired pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more.

Novato, CA – To celebrate Earth Day, CP Lab Safety departed from business as usual to furnish their customer base with an environmental newsletter, transcending company concerns to focus on a universal one. The article tackles an issue relevant to all contemporary households: how to dispose of household products deemed too toxic for conventional waste and recycling programs. While CP Lab Safety offers a unique solution for the containment of hazardous toxins in lab and industry environments, the purpose of the newsletter was to educate consumers on how to replicate these standards outside the workplace.

The information also highlights the health implications of these products, not only to the environment if improperly disposed, but to individuals if left in the home. Pharmaceuticals, for example, do not breakdown easily in the environment. A sample of mud from the Lake of the Ozarks or San Francisco Bay indicates the presence of 20 or more different antibiotics. Even at low concentrations, many drugs can disrupt the nervous system, cause hormonal imbalance, and lead to antibiotic resistance.

A manufacturer of safety equipment for laboratory and industry, CP Lab Safety has embraced the environmental movement as part of its health and safety mission and vision.