How to Choose the Sorbent Pad That Will Work for You

Do you need a little absorbency in your life? A sorbent pad can be a great way to keep things clean in any environment in which spills frequently take place. Even if spills do not happen frequently, it is good to have a sorbent pad or three on hand in case spills do occur.

Here's how to choose the kind that works best for your particular situation. Whether you need sorbent pads to clean up spills or protect the floor when spills occur, note what kinds of spills you might expect. That is if you know what to expect.

Here are the different types of sorbent pads you have to choose from:

1) Universal maintenance

When you are not sure what kind of spill to expect, a universal pad is will quickly soak up just about any type of liquids. When choosing your universal absorbent pad, it is important that you choose one that is perforated so that you can use only what you need. It should also be gray to mask dirt, and you should be able to wring out for repeated use.

The universal maintenance absorbent pad is ideal for absorbing hydraulic fluids, water, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, hexane, MEK, and many other kinds of fluids.

2) Oil only

When choosing a sorbent pad that absorbs oil, you want one that is lint-free and allows for quick wicking. Oil should not remain on a surface for too long, especially if you don't want that surface to stain.

You can use an oil absorbent pad on land or water, basically whenever or wherever unwanted oil is present. As the name indicates, these types of pads absorb hydrocarbons only. They repel and float on water so that oil can be extracted from water.

3) Economy oil only

The economy oil absorbent pad absorbs oil on contact. Its bright color makes it easy to see when the pad is completely saturated with oil.

These sorbent pads can also be used on land or on water to soak up oil spills. All hydrocarbons can be absorbed, including fuel oil, gasoline, lubricating oils, and diesel.

4) Hazmat

When hazardous chemicals are spilled, they need to be absorbed especially quickly because they are most likely to be harmful to a person's health. Having perforated and strong hazmat absorbent pads handy can increase the safety of your environment.

Hazmat absorbent pads are ideal for any spills of known and unknown liquids, including caustic soda, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and other harmful chemicals.

5) Polybacked absorbent pad

These types of sorbent pads are made from two layers of fine fiber polypropylene that is bonded around a meltdown core with an impenetrable poly backing. The chemical resistant backing protects your flooring and even your hands from most liquids.

Polybacked absorbent pads can be used as a general purpose absorbent that absorbs liquids, including water-based liquids.

6) Anti-static

Anti-static sorbent pads are pads that are specially treated to repel water and absorb oil, as well as other hydrocarbons.

These pads can be used to absorb fuels that are volatile even in cold temperatures.

So when looking for the right sorbent pad, make sure you take a look at the oils and liquids that you need absorbed to ensure you get the right kind. With the right pad, your work environment will be much dryer, cleaner, and safer.

Meltblown Sonic Bonded

This mainstay of the sorbent industry is constructed from a single layer of high-quality, uniform polypropylene fibers "sonically" bonded together. This process creates dimples that add strength and reduce linting. Pound for pound, this product offers the greatest absorbency of the meltblown family. Pads and rolls are perforated.

Meltblown Laminated

If the job demands a soft, lint-free, durable meltblown sorbent, our Laminated meltblown pads and rolls are the answer. They deliver the highest strength of the meltblown line. Strong spun-bond covers resist rips and abrasions, even when soaked. They also withstand moderate foot and forklift traffic. Pads and rolls are perforated.

Meltblown Fine Fiber

Precision-engineered and manufactured to maximize loft and absorbency, our premium-grade Fine Fiber meltblown sorbents provide high absorbency. Premium fine fiber covers provide low lint and fast wicking. They are ultrasonically bonded to a high-loft meltblown core. Pads and rolls are perforated.

ColdForm2(TM) Bonded Natural

Highly versatile and economical - highest recycled content

A "natural" winner combining great performance with great price, these versatile pads and rolls are made with up to 97% natural fibers. Extremely soft and drapable, this product makes a great wiper. In some cases, it is tough enough to be wrung out and reused.

ColdForm2(TM) Single-Sided Laminated

Best all-round performer - top spun bond cover adds strength and reduces lint, uncovered side slips less on floors.

A great low-lint, mid-range product, this natural sorbent is the most popular of our ColdForm2(TM) families. It offers great strength along with many of the benefits, including reduced linting, of a double-sided laminate but at a lower cost. Pads and rolls are perforated.

ColdForm2(TM) Laminated

This lint-free natural high-performance product is one of the toughest sorbents on the market. Abrasion-resistant sonic-bonded covers are laminated to the highly absorbent ColdForm2(TM) core. ESP's amazing SpillLock(TM) technology makes the gray universal a leak-resistant solution for water-based spills. Pads and rolls are perforated.

ColdForm2(TM) Fine Fiber

The ultimate hybrid, these sorbents combine the best of ColdForm2(TM) and meltblown technologies. The highest quality fine-fiber polypropylene covers are bonded to an extremely absorbent ColdForm2(TM) core - making them a high-performance, look-a-like alternative to pure meltblown. Pads and rolls are perforated.

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