Holocom Announces New PDS Design Patent

(SAN DIEGO - February 11, 2009) Holocom, the leading provider of proprietary
high-security protective distribution systems (PDS) for SIPRNet and other classified
networks, today announced its newest patent for the Holocom PDS. Pat. D580,871 is
the sixth patent granted Holocom for its PDS, a system currently installed for all
branches of the US military, domestically and internationally. Holocom made the
announcement at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
(AFCEA) WEST 2009 Conference.

The new patent describes the Retrofit Insert (RTF), a labor-saving accessory that fits
into the 764 end-user drop box. This new addition to the Holocom PDS product suite is
constructed of powder coated 16-gauge, electro-galvanized steel and improves
installation efficiency by eliminating the need to order and install surface mount boxes inside the 764. The RTF, which includes an integrated tension relief cable management wrap, reduces installation time and provides a cleaner look inside the secure enclosure.

"As SIPRNet use expands, Holocom continually looks for ways to reduce the costs
associated with its implementation. We have a tradition of creating products from an
installer's point of view, and this focus drives the development of labor-saving designs such as this," said John Burns, president & CEO of Holocom.

The other five patents for the Holocom PDS extend to the entire system design as well
as specific technology including: eliminating RF leakage within the PDS, the internal
locking mechanism for raceway cover retention, the interlocking mechanism enabling
future moves, adds and changes, and spacers that stand the raceway off the wall.

About Holocom®

Holocom® is the leading manufacturer of protective distribution systems (PDS) for
SIPRNet and other networks transmitting highly sensitive data. The patented Holocom
PDS stands alone in providing a complete, end-to-end solution including services
tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Holocom owns an IP portfolio
protecting its secure enclosure systems which in turn protect mission-critical networks
for all branches of the military, federal agencies and private networks across the globe.

Holocom is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

Holocom, Inc. is jointly owned by Scripps Ventures, Inc. and Patriot Scientific

For more information, visit www.holocom.com or call 888-HOLOCOM.

About Patriot Scientific Corporation

Patriot (OTCBB:PTSC) is a publicly held intellectual property-licensing company that
develops, markets, and enables innovative technologies to address the demands in fastgrowing markets such as wireless devices, smart cards, home appliances and gateways, set-top boxes, entertainment technology, automotive telematics, biomedical devices, and industrial controllers. Patriot is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA. For more
information, visit www.ptsc.com. Copies of Patriot press releases, current price quotes, stock charts and other valuable information may be found at www.ptsc.com.

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