Holland's Newspaper Distributor Protects Workers, Lift Trucks & Buildings with Column Sentry® from U.S.

Holland's Newspaper Distributor Protects Workers, Lift Trucks & Buildings with Column Sentry® from U.S.

(National Safety Council 2007 Congress & Expo, Chicago, IL, USA) DistriQ, nationwide distribution company for Holland's largest newspaper and other major Dutch periodicals, reports that it has finally found effective collision protection by installing American-made Column Sentry® column protectors throughout its major distribution facilities.
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Jeroen van de Brug, DistriQ Facilities Manager who has overseen the 400+ buildings used by DistriQ in its distribution operation for the past six years, reports that Column Sentry provides the protection for both lift trucks and columns that they had sought for quite some time. Van de Brug reports, "We have number of collisions that one would expect in an operation our size. We are the distribution facility for Holland's largest circulation newspaper, delivering about 700,000 copies a day, 7 days a week for a subscription national paper, and 500,000 copies a day of a non-subscription paper, as well as several hundred thousand copies of local newspapers. Four of our facilities use lift trucks, and we have about 15 lift trucks in total."

"Through the years, we have had to repair columns many times and also sustained a lot of lift truck damage. We register every accident and investigate it to see how we can prevent that type of accident from happening again. I have done most of these investigations personally, and from that experience realized that we needed to find a better column protection solution. We had tried to use rubber column protectors but these got sand in them, became hard and damaged the cars. The same problems occurred when we tried to use concrete or steel protectors.

Now, with the soft Column Sentry protectors we save both the cars and the columns from collision damage. We no longer have to plan for expensive column repairs in the warehouses we rent, or costly lift truck repair. Although we luckily had never sustained worker injuries during collisions we also know that the Column Sentry protectors give us added protection for workers too."

Column Sentry is molded of low density polyethylene with a patented air-chamber system that allows air to escape during impact. Column Sentry's patented design defines the high performance standard for column protectors. Available in a number of sizes to fit nearly every column, Column Sentry can be installed or removed in minutes, and is
fully washable. A bright red version with cut outs for fire
extinguishers (Column Sentry FE) is also available.

Sentry Protection Products (www.sentrypro.com) created the first patented solution for warehouse collision protection in 1988 and now offers a family of warehouse protection products for columns, racks,
corners, pillars and posts of all sizes. Product inquiries can be
directed to Jim Ryan, jryan@sentrypro.com, 1 - 888 - 265 - 8660.

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