Hitex and RTI Target Real-Time Networking with Open Standards-based Middleware

SANTA CLARA, CA-October 18, 2005- Hitex is pleased to announce today a new partnership with Real-Time Innovations (RTI). Hitex has signed an agreement to provide U.K. distribution and support services for RTI's NDDS network middleware for distributed real-time applications. RTI's NDDS is an open-architecture, real-time networking platform that supports the Object Management Group's (OMG's) Data Distribution Service DDS) V1.0 standard.

NDDS allows networked applications to easily connect with multiple data sources for communication of real-time data via an easy-to-use application programming interface (API). The technology is well proven and provides deterministic data delivery over standard IP networks while offering services for monitoring and control.

As part of providing this new capability for embedded systems designers, Hitex will also distribute the SkyBoard distributed data management system (announced on October 17 by RTI) and the Oracle TimesTen/DataServer real-time database system.

Hitex managing director Mike Beach said, "This partnership with RTI strengthens our position as a provider of software solutions in the embedded market, especially for those customers who are involved in complex projects where data has to be gathered and shared in real time."

Price and Availability

RTI's NDDS solution with SkyBoard for Solaris, Linux and Windows (beta version) is immediately available from RTI in the U.S. to developers starting at $75,930 USD. SkyBoard includes all software elements (DDS APIs as well as the SQL/ODBC APIs), three developer toolkits for SkyBoard, and a four-day product-training program. Extended training on developing distributed database systems is available. End-user implementations that incorporate the SkyBoard solution will involve added per-node royalties. NDDS can be purchased separately for $46,920 (three developer toolkits).

About Hitex

Hitex provides a range of products and services to developers of embedded systems, enabling them to maximize the functionality of their products and minimize development cycle times. Hitex UK was established in 1989 as a supplier of development and debugging tools for the embedded software industry. In response to customers' needs for a "One Stop Shop" service, Hitex has developed an extensive portfolio of hardware and software products, including OEM processor modules, development kits, RTOS, middleware and networking stacks, all backed by Hitex technical support, training and consultancy services. As a partner under the WEP (Windows Embedded Program) Hitex promotes the use of Windows Embedded Operating Systems on a variety of hardware platforms including Renesas Super-H, Intel XScale and traditional x86. Customers requiring hard real-time performance on Windows XP platforms can take advantage of the RTX real-time extension and RTTCPIP real- time TCPIP networking stack from Ardence. The partnership with RTI adds an important new capability to the Hitex One-Stop-Shop, particularly for developers of mission-critical systems who require standards-based real-time information management and networking. For further information about Hitex UK, please visit www.hitex.co.uk.

About RTI

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) provides communications middleware and tools for data critical applications. RTI delivers an unequalled competitive advantage to customers and industry partners building real-time distributed systems used in applications such as national railway management, air traffic control, traffic monitoring, mission-critical combat systems and industrial automation. The world's most successful companies, as well as the U.S. Military rely on RTI for software infrastructure products and consultancy services within a standards-based COTS platform environment. Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1991, RTI employs over 60 people worldwide and is a privately-held company.

The URL for this news release is located at http://www.rti.com/corporate/news/Hitex.html

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