High Speed Retractable Conveyor Relies on Intech PowerCore(TM) Components

High-speed retractable conveyors benefit from less friction, lower noise levels and lower power requirements.

CLOSTER, NJ-Intech supplies critical low-friction components to retractable conveyor systems manufacturer KLEENLine (Newburyport, MA). KLEENLine provides the industry with literally the fastest retractable conveyors on the market today. Retractable conveyors basically "pull the rug out from under" a product so that it drops down to a second conveyor that's going in another direction.

In the food processing industry, retractable conveyors need to be really fast and reliable. They must also be able to handle frequent wash-downs. Yet, according to Richard A. Glazier, Automation Engineering Manager at KLEENLine, "We've been looking for a product that could overcome the friction problems of linear bearings. We needed higher speeds and output for the machines without having to bump up the size of the motors, which gets expensive. Friction was our biggest culprit stopping us from fulfilling our goals."

Intech's PowerCore(TM) low friction, self-lubricating pinions and cam followers took care of the company's problem with its rack and pinion system. Easy rolling PowerCore(TM) concave cam followers were used in place of the linear bearing and a precision machined PowerCore(TM) gear replaced the stainless steel pinion in the rack and pinion drive, eliminating the need to lubricate after wash downs. The PowerCore(TM) components virtually eliminated the problem of friction, which was a defining factor in the reduction of noise in the system. KLEENLine was able to find the help they needed to replace their old metal-on-metal rack and pinion system with the PowerCore(TM) products-fully customized to their specific needs in less than 24 hours.

Intech's PowerCore(TM) pinions and cam followers provide unsurpassed corrosion resistance, operate quietly, need no lubrication, absorb shock and vibration, do not wear out the rail, and can be washed-down frequently. The cam followers do not wear or score the shaft they run on.

Founded in 1983 by Georg Bartosch, Intech Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of contamination-free self-lubricating plastic gears, rollers, and cam followers made of non-hygroscopic Intech Power-Core(TM) material. Intech helps its customers reduce costs by running maintenance-free motion components at higher speeds, while using less energy and requiring no lubrication. Smoother running machines that offer low inertia, and reduced friction, noise, and vibration contribute to lowering the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Intech products are "Clean, Green, and Lean."

For MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Mr. Georg Bartosch: Intech Corporation; 250 Herbert Avenue; Closter, NJ 07624; Tel: (201) 767-8066; www.IntechPower.com .

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