High-End Chip Production in the US

Samsung Semiconductor has opened a new facility in Austin, TX the size of nine football fields for the production of next generation semiconductors. The chips are just 50 nanometres in size, which makes them around 1,400 thinner than a human hair. SIMTECH USA installed the highly reliable DoubleQuik® - Double Containment Piping System, for this high-performance application. SIMTECH's AlphaPlus® Polypropylene Double Containment Piping Systems offer excellent chemical resistance even under the challenging pressure and temperature conditions, delivering superior safety and reliability in industrial operations.


Spanning three decades of experience, Simtech has steadily grown to an industry-leading provider of thermoplastic products and systems used in control, containment and transport of corrosive fluids, corrosive fumes and high-purity water. Products and systems offered include a comprehensive range of manual and actuated valves and controls, AlphaPlus Polypropylene and Kynar® PVDF Piping Systems, High Purity/Deionized Water Piping Systems, Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping Systems, Fume Exhaust Duct Systems, Double Containment Piping Systems, and Manual/Hydraulic Fusion Welding Equipment for joining AlphaPlus Polypropylene and Kynar PVDF pipe.

Serving a large and diverse customer base in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semi-conductor, chemical processing, pulp and paper, water/wastewater, medical research/ life sciences and OEM marketplaces, Simtech understands what it takes to deliver on demanding customer requirements across a wide range of application areas.

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