HH-Series Recessed Pull in Stainless Steel & Stainless/ABS Hybrid

The HH-Series recessed pull is offered in various types of materials such as 316-stainless steel, 304-stainless steel and a hybrid of 316-stainless steel/ABS plastic. This recessed pull also can be provided in various types of finishes such as mirror, black or satin. Sugatsune's SEMI compliant products are designed to meet SEMI S8, a safety guideline for ergonomics of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Please contact us to find out which recessed pulls are compliant with SEMI S8 or RoHS.
Technical CAD drawings, PDF files and data sheets detailing the measurements and specifications for this product or any other product are available online at www.sugatsune.net or by contacting our customer service toll free (888) 557-5267.

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