Selects Centerpoint's New Translucent Roofing System as 'Must-Have' Building Product for 2006

New Centerpoint(TM) Roofing System uses GE's Lexan* Multiwall Sheet for enhanced aesthetics, comfort & energy efficiency

PITTSFIELD, MASS. - Feb. 7, 2006 -, Scripps Networks' innovative online network for building professionals, has named Centerpoint's new translucent roofing system a "must-have product" for the building & construction industry for 2006. The announcement was made on Dec. 7, 2005 and the new product is now being featured on the website. The new roofing system is formed from GE's Lexan* Thermoclear* multiwall polycarbonate (PC) sheet - a material based on GE's tough, virtually unbreakable Lexan resin - which provides full-spectrum, natural light and significantly improved aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency for the residential new-construction market.

According to four criteria were used to make its selection of must-have products for 2006. These included: 1. The product was truly innovative in the way it solved a problem in design or production; 2. Although the product may have been based on existing technology, it needed to take another step toward meeting a newly identified building industry challenge or need; 3. The product had won an award as "Best New Product" at a national trade show; and 4. The product makes people say, "Why didn't someone think of this before?". A total of 16 products were selected.
Centerpoint's patent-pending roofing structure is designed to allow penetration of natural, filtered daylight into living areas without the energy loss and higher heating and cooling costs of glass roofing inserts. The company selected GE's Lexan multiwall sheet for the new pre-assembled roofing system based on its outstanding performance properties: excellent light transmission; the ability to withstand wind loads of up to 140 mph; superior UV resistance and impact strength; light weight and design flexibility vs. glass; and exceptional sound-dampening qualities for a quieter environment. The material's ability to filter and diffuse natural daylight entering home living areas also eliminates shadows and glare, and raises energy efficiency by a factor of five compared to glass.

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About Centerpoint Translucent Systems
Centerpoint Translucent Systems offers a broad range of translucent roofing options with three distinct series of roofing systems. Each series comes in a variety of sizes. From the more modest Series 300 roof designed for installation above a bay window, to the larger Series 500 roof for generous soft light in a kitchen, den or home office, Centerpoint has an energy-efficient, translucent roof to complement any home. More information and photos are available on the company's website at

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GE - Plastics is a global supplier of plastic resins widely used in automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, transportation, performance packaging, building & construction, telecommunications, and optical media applications. The company manufactures and compounds polycarbonate, ABS, SAN, ASA, PPE, PC/ABS, PBT and PEI resins, as well as the LNP* line of high-performance specialty compounds. GE - Plastics, Specialty Film & Sheet manufactures high-performance Lexan sheet and film products used in thousands of demanding applications worldwide. In addition, GE - Plastics' dedicated Automotive organization is an experienced, world-wide competitor, offering leading plastics solutions for five key automotive segments: body panels and glazing; under the hood applications; component; structures and interiors; and lighting. As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to a successful Games.

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