Health and Safety concerns in regards to DCHA in metalworking fluids

Some fluid suppliers are suggesting that the use of DCHA (dicyclohexylamine) as a biocide to control microbial growth in metalworking fluids is safe for the user.

Blaser Swisslube Inc.'s position on DCHA is that the substance is not only toxic by ingestion and skin absorption, but also not legal to be used as a biocide in metalworking fluids in the USA because DCHA is not EPA registered for use in metalworking fluids. Information on dicyclohexylamine is readily available through an internet search. The MSDS confirms the substance is toxic by ingestion and skin absorption. Unfortunately, not all fluid suppliers list DCHA on their MSDS.

The health and safety of the worker using metalworking fluids has always been and remains the primary concern of Blaser Swisslube. The unique biological concept applied in Blaser's Blasocut metalworking fluids allows for a formulation that does not contain any bactericides. A careful selection of ingredients allows the growth of harmless, non-pathogenic pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes bacteria as a dominant species, which keeps other potentially pathogenic bacteria and fungus in check by starvation.

Since the available food source in Blasocut is limited, after a certain time even the dominant species, in Blaser's case the pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes, cannot grow further and a stable biotope is established.

No Blaser Swisslube products contain DCHA, but Blaser remains concerned about the use of the substance in the metalworking industry. As a leader in high performance metalworking fluids, Blaser Swisslube is proud that Blasocut formulations contain no biocides and do not compromise the safety of the user.

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