HDRadio(TM) Receiver Manufacturers and Retailers Poised for a Big Year


22 OEM Automobile Brands

60+ New HD Radio CE Products

First Handsets Forecast

New Advanced Features Launching

Central Hall - Booth 9033

LAS VEGAS - 2012 International CES Show - iBiquity Digital, the developer of HD Radio Technology, said today that the 2012 International CES Show will kick off a big year for the manufacturers and retailers of HD Radio receiver products, emphasizing the momentum the Technology has gained. HD Radio Technology is moving quickly into the mainstream of consumer electronics as OEM Auto makers increase their commitments, CE brands launch products at mass market price points and HD Radio Advanced Features enhance the radio listening experience.

Robert Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity stated that "As we head into 2012, all indicators point to a great year for HD Radio Technology. Broadcast radio continues to increase its listening audience, 22 OEM Automobile Brands are building HD Radio receivers into their cars, more than 60 new HD Radio Consumer Electronics products are launching at CES, exciting new advanced HD Radio features are being widely adopted and we forecast the first HD Radio handsets in 2012. HD Radio product manufacturers and their automotive and retail partners are poised for a big year."

On the eve of the 2012 CES Show, iBiquity highlighted momentum across all HD Radio product segments which will drive sales growth this year.

22 OEM Automobile Brands Now Committed

Radio listening, which is fundamental to the driving experience, has been broadly upgraded by HD Radio Technology, particularly through new programming being introduced via HD2/HD3 Channels. With nearly all automakers now offering HD Radio Technology - many standard on all vehicles - awareness, interest and demand for products that feature the Technology is increasing.

"We are past critical mass in the OEM Auto segment," said Jeff Jury, Chief Operating Officer at iBiquity. "We are seeing millions of vehicles each year roll off lots and sales volumes are more than doubling every year. Manufacturers such as BMW, Volvo and Scion have made HD Radio receivers standard on all their vehicles. And car makers have increased availability of exciting new advanced features such as iTunes Tagging and Artist Experience."

As more automakers provide HD Radio Technology, this digital pipeline to the automobile is being utilized to deliver telematics services such as real-time traffic and other instant information. "We see real momentum in this area," said Jury, "our technology is not just delivering audio entertainment, but a full suite of infotainment to new digital dashboards."

More Than 60 New CE Products Introduced. Cellular Handsets Anticipated.

CE product manufacturers have significantly expanded their lineups and several brands are announcing new HD Radio entries at CES this year, many at high volume price points.

More than 60 new HD Radio receivers will be on display at the HD Radio booth in the Central Hall. New products from major brands Alpine, Acoustic Research, Audiovox, Clarion, Denon, JVC, Kenwood, Insignia, Marantz, Pioneer and others will be unveiled.

New accessible price points, including the first nationally distributed $49 table radio, new portable HD Radio players, new personal navigation devices and auto aftermarket radios will be featured at the HD Radio booth.

Also on display at the booth will be cellular handsets with built-in HD Radio Technology. These models will feature the HD Radio app that has been specifically designed to enhance interaction and consumers appeal. iBiquity anticipates the first production ready cellular handsets during 2012.

Advanced Features Differentiate The Radio Experience

Exciting new advanced HD Radio features will highlight the HD Radio booth, including:

- The JVC KW-NT800HDT and the KW-NT500HDT, the first products to feature
nine separate advanced features, including Instant Info

- The first HD Radio receiver to display local radio station Channel

- The first radio receiver to display QR Codes tied to over the air

- The second Garmin Personal Navigation Device to feature HD Digital
Traffic, the Nuvi 3590 LMT

- Dozens of models that enable Artist Experience and iTunes Tagging
- And more . . .

The 2012 CES HD Radio Boothis locatedin the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall, Number 9033

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