Hand Held Products® Helps Protect Life with BloodTrack®

WARRINGTON, England, May 30 -- An image-based data capture solution is helping to save lives and reduce waste in hospitals. BloodTrack Courier® a sophisticated kiosk PC, controls and logs access to blood storage refrigerators in hospitals. The system has recently been enhanced by a 5080 image engine from Hand Held Products.

BloodTrack Courier® was developed by Datalog International and Neoteric Technology in conjunction with Geoff Bullen Electronics (GBE) and Olympus OsYris. It has won a Product Innovation Award from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the installation at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital won the top prize in the GC Awards for Innovation 2007.

The system was developed because human error is a predominant cause of the wrong blood components being used in transfusions, and this has sometimes led to patient deaths. BloodTrack® uses a barcode system to control access to blood bag refrigerators, and to ensure that the correct bag is removed each time.

To comply with new EU legislation, GBE recently decided to upgrade
BloodTrack's® image reader. Mark Bullen, GBE's Managing Director, comments:
"We needed a unit that was small enough to fit in the kiosk; fast; rugged; and could work in all light levels."

GBE opted for Hand Held Products' 5080 image engine, which is compact and lightweight and uses the latest technology. The unit's Adaptus Imaging Technology can read virtually all barcodes and can capture digital images.

Mark adds: "It's reliable and easy to service, and the support from Hand Held Products has been excellent."

Prior to an operation, a patient is given a medical check and if blood is required, a sample is taken. A Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) collects the patient's ID from their wristband, and produces accurately labelled samples.

The sample is processed and blood is issued for the patient, and scanned using BloodTrack® before being placed into the blood issue fridge.

All movements in and out of the fridges are captured using the system. If a patient needs blood, a request slip is printed and given to a nurse or porter. The slip's PDF 417 barcode contains the information needed to identify the patient and the product required.

The BloodTrack's® 5080 image engine scans the ID of the porter or nurse, and the slip. This unlocks the refrigerator so that they can remove the blood bag, which is scanned to ensure that it is correct. When the blood arrives on the ward, the nurse checks it again using the PDA.

Mark concludes: "This system is saving the hospitals time and money.
Above all, it is saving the lives of patients."

Roel Vreeburg, Hand Held Products' General Manager, EMEA and APAC,
remarks: "Adaptus 5.0 has made our image engines more versatile and powerful than ever before. It's particularly gratifying to see that in this case, they not only boost efficiency and productivity, but can also actually help to save lives."


Source: Hand Held Products

For further information, please contact GBE at www.gbelectronics.com. For photography, please contact Kirsi Rolf: eusales@handheld.com/ +31-40-2901-600, www.handheld.com

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