Gulf Controls Company Upgrades Industrial Control Product Offerings with ABB

Tampa, Florida -- Gulf Controls Company, a provider of fluid power and motion control products serving Florida, Southeast Georgia and Puerto Rico, has expanded its automation offerings by adding ABB's Industrial Control line to its product lineup.

ABB is one of the world's leading makers of power, automation and robotic products.  They design and manufacture a wide variety of components, including low to high voltage products.

Gulf Controls switched to the ABB line of Industrial Control devices as they are the best in the market in quality, delivery and performance.  Gulf Controls is a large quantity buyer and therefore is able to get the deepest discounts available.  They then pass the savings on to their customers. 

Many Gulf Controls customers who have switched to the ABB Industrial Control product line have already seen substantial savings.

For example: Utilizing Gulf Control's purchasing power, its customers can typically save 20 to 35% in most cases over competing products.

ABB has a uniquely wide range of soft starters, for motors all the way from 1 to 800 HP.  The built-in bypass contactor on many of the ABB soft starters is also unique. Bypass contactors allow an AC motor to run more efficiently by switching the motor to the incoming line and dropping out the soft starter. This switch point is made automatically when the motor is running at full speed. In addition, on many of the ABB soft starters the bypass is built-in, so customers save on panel space and installation costs. 

Of course soft starters also reduce the stress on mechanical power train systems and thus decrease costly downtime.  This saves significant maintenance dollars and puts more parts out the door.

"From a sheer technology standpoint, ABB's circuit breakers are the fastest on the market.  Our customers appreciate the protection they provide," stated Bob Yager, Automation Product Manager at the Gulf Controls Company.

Reducing panel space is a major objective in today's Automation environment.  ABB disconnect switches, relays and overloads all operate with smaller footprints vs competitors.

For OEMs and users, the transition to ABB controls is almost seamless, allowing customers to avoid costly downtime and training, and to enjoy savings more quickly.

The staff in the Gulf Controls' Automation Department is trained in the selection, use and installation of ABB's Industrial Control products. Based on your needs, Gulf Controls can provide engineering and service support.  ABB also has significant support in Florida, and its global presence ensures that even OEMs or customers with international branches can get the help they need.

For more information about integrating ABB Industrial Controls into automation projects, call Gulf Controls at (813) 884-0471 or visit their website at

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