Growing Interest For Porous Metal In Food And Beverage Operations

FARMINGTON, CT (October 2006) - Mott is helping to streamline food and beverage processing plant production through the integration of porous metal products. Working in conjunction with many major operations, Mott experts have engineered solutions that range from sparging to maintain product freshness, to gas sampling equipment used to protect sensitive monitoring equipment in the plant.

Porous metal components are being used in a wide variety of plant applications. It is used in food bulking and debulking, carbonation, filtration, aeration, oil hydrogenation, fermentation, floatation, steam injection and oxygen stripping. It has also been used to create dimensional vacuum molds to create specific 'shapes' from slurries and batters such as cookie, candy, chicken and fish. Mott's porous metal spargers are used in bagging operations in the snack food industry by blowing open bags with nitrogen, preparing them for filling and keeping out oxygen to extend the product shelf life. Porous metal is also used in filtration systems used in oil hydrogenation to recover expensive catalysts (virtually 100%) with a minimum of product loss.

The applications are endless and are all aimed at producing a top quality product that stays fresher, longer. Not only are there concerns in the industry about freshness of products, but environmental standards for processing plants are getting more stringent every year. In plants stacks, porous metal filters can be used to collect clean in-process samples from particle-laden streams, thus eliminating damage to sensitive monitoring equipment used to ensure health and safety of stack emissions.

Mott's porous metal media has the distinct advantages of uniform and high-precision porosity, strength and durability, more effective filtration capability, resistance to corrosion, tolerance of high temperatures and pressures, and cleanability. Those are the reasons Plant Engineers and Process Development Managers are looking to Mott to help change dated processing operations into more efficient and productive production.

Mott Corporation has been dedicated to the development, application and refinement of porous metal media since 1959. The Company's design teams are continually engineering porous metal components, sub-assemblies and finished products for applications in a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, instrumentation, environmental, semiconductor, energy and fuel cells. And, no other media offers the level of integrity necessary for repeated cleaning and re-use that porous metal provides.

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