Grommet Sizing Template Eliminates Guesswork, Speeds Production

A new template for sizing grommets, ropes, cables, string, and barbs to eliminate "trial and error" and save production time is being introduced by of Raynham, Massachusetts. The GROMMETsizer(TM) is a handy plastic template that lets users quickly determine the size of grommets by the I.D. and flange. Featuring holes and markings for identifying grommets from #XX00 to #12, it also has holes for locating 1", 2" and 3" from the corner and 1/2", 3/4" and 1" from the edge. Designed to lay right over a project, the GROMMETsizer(TM) is made from heavy, clear vinyl with easy to read lettering. It includes a chart with dimensions for each grommet size after setting, a centering rule in centimeters, a rule in inches, list of common conversions, and a corner hole for hanging. The GROMMETsizer(TM) is available free from For more information contact:
Division of RNR Plastics, Inc.
Jo Ann Reynolds,
(508) 821-4800
FAX (508) 821-3637

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