Grit Blasting Collector Ensures Safe Workspace for Coating Specialist

Fanquip has fitted a turnkey grit blasting collector solution to the workshop of an industrial coatings specialist to ensure all operations are performed with the highest levels of OH&S.

This high volume plant, where eight staff performs blasting and painting of industrial coatings onto all types of equipment - particularly those used in the demanding coal industry, now has a high capacity Fanquip extraction unit, capture hoods and wall sheets, as well as a ducted collection system.

This is a totally new workshop for this national business which knew, before it even began, that an extraction system for grit blasting operations is essential for workplace safety.

The turnkey solution from Fanquip has been highly successful as it keeps the work area totally clean and dust free and personnel enjoy working on the site.

There is a continuous workload in this grit blasting operation and everyone is pretty impressed with the way the system works without any technical problems.

This grit blasting process operates in about 40 square metres of floor space and about four metres height right up to the roof.

Fanquip's fully integrated collection system begins with a capture hood that extends right up to the ceiling line where dust is collected and ducted out of the building through the back wall and into a self contained collector.

It is a high capacity, long-wearing solution capable of long duty cycles according to expanding demands at Imatech.

This extraction and OH&S solution at Imatech is another in a growing list of turnkey design/solutions in which Australian company Fanquip is generating rising success.

Its achievements are being made across various industries including mining, general fabrication, agriculture and the food processing sector.

Fanquip's grit blasting client has, in the past 12 years, grown into a diversified industrial systems and services company focused on delivering smarter solutions using the best available technologies combined with the unique problem-solving skills of its workforce.

The company employs a large number of people across Australia and has grown from a small business to a medium-large enterprise. It has secured distribution rights to a great number of industrial technologies.

Fanquip is a longstanding Australian supplier and manufacturer of industrial fans and tailored, turnkey ventilation solutions.

The company supplies a large range of ventilation equipment for a variety of industries Australia-wide and overseas.

An important aspect of Fanquip's turnkey approach is its ability to institute, where appropriate, safety and access equipment to allow easy ongoing inspection and maintenance – particularly for roof mounted solutions.

Manufacturing high-quality custom ventilation equipment is a speciality and it provides a complete service – from system design and installation to ongoing maintenance – ensuring continued technology performance.

For more information, please contact, Fanquip. 1-800-224-308.

Prepared by Val Pavlovic, Omentum Media. Ph: (02) 9744-7605. 0413-869-589

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