Griplock® Systems, LLC Opens Second Facility on East Coast

Second facility in South Carolina set to improve delivery times and costs for customers

September 2018 – Coming off its best year yet in 2017, the management team at Griplock Systems, led by President and CEO Todd Hemingway, began discussing the next step in improving customer relations. The discussion culminated in the decision to expand operations to the East Coast.

“With our ever-increasing customer base and high demand in product we were poised for expansion and it only made sense to expand to the other side of the country to better serve our customers in the Eastern part of the United States and Canada,” commented Mr. Hemingway. “Uninterrupted supply of products, shorter lead time, and lower shipping costs - that’s what our customers will gain from this development.”

After months of planning, preparation, and scouting locations, the company decided upon Greenville, South Carolina to plant its flag.

Operations remain the same in the company’s California facility, while the new warehouse in South Carolina, which expects to start shipping mid-4 th quarter of 2018, is operated by a trusted staff of experienced warehouse employees. It will also have onsite engineering support and the same strict testing and quality control that its customers have come to depend on.

“We have a great number of customers on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and Canada that are going to benefit from this expansion,” states Ryan Kwast, VP of Sales and Engineering. “This increase in our warehouse capacity and personnel, allows us to get product out the door much faster and we’re closer to half our customers so delivery time is shorter and costs are lower.”

The South Carolina facility also offers advantages to customers on the West Coast and in the South as well. The shift in workload to South Carolina for companies on the Eastern side of the United States allows all other orders to be fulfilled at a faster rate in the California facility.

Like Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, and many more, Griplock Systems’ humble beginnings originated in the garage of its founder. Sebastian Geifer established Griplock Systems in 1992, producing high-quality cable suspension systems for the lighting industry. Since then, the company has successfully penetrated other markets, such as, Retail Design, Art, Rigging, HVAC, and more.

This is the 4 th major expansion for the company. The last was in 2013 when the company moved to a larger warehouse and headquarters in Carpinteria, CA. Since that time, the company has seen steady growth year after year, prompting the assessment that a second facility would not only be beneficial, but essential to the company’s long-term strategic plan.

Griplock® Systems is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance, and budgetconscious products, backed by outstanding customer service and engineering expertise. Stateof-the-art components and elegant, functional designs, combined with rigorous quality control are the keys to their success. This is The Art of Suspension®.

For more information about Griplock Systems, its facilities, or products, go to their website or give them a call at 805-566-0064.

Beau Pillet | Marketing Manager

Griplock® Systems, LLC

1132 Mark Ave.

Carpinteria, CA 93013

805-566-0064 ext. 417

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