Griff Welcomes New Management Leads and Upgrades Machinery

The Griff Network appoints two new management positions and adds new equipment.

Jon Giza was hired as the company’s new process development manager. Prior to working at Griff, Jon Giza worked as a director of manufacturing for more than 20 years. His experience and unique perspective are assets to Griff. In this role, Giza is responsible for overseeing Griff’s manufacturing processes, as well as improving these processes.

Additionally, Griff appointed Tim Roche as the company’s product development manager. Tim previously worked as a product engineer at Griff for 13 years. Tim is responsible for developing new products and introducing them to the company’s product line. He is also responsible for improving existing products.

In addition to appointing these leadership positions, the company also added new CNC equipment to its facilities in Fallsington, PA. The CNC machine assists with both product development and process development. This technology allows the company to make custom tools and equipment parts.

“The addition of the CNC machine will allow us to continue to innovate and create custom products to fit our clients’ needs. Manufacturing and creating custom products is the heartbeat of Griff and we are excited to increase our customization capacity. Not only will this addition help with customization, but it will also quicken product development for our clients. Now we can make our own tools and product parts, instead of ordering them,” Tim Roche said.

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Katie Donahue
Marketing and Design Manager

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