GovTribe Announces Three New Offerings to Revolutionize How Federal Contractors Identify and Navigate Opportunities

ARLINGTON, Va. - GovTribe, a technology firm specializing in government data, today announced the release of three new offerings based on its comprehensive database of federal government contracting data. The GovTribe apps for iPhone and iPad now provide market intelligence for 130 federal agencies and allow users to track current solicitations, and the activity of contracting officers and competitors. In addition to the mobile offerings, GovTribe officially launched Custom Reports, which provide clients with customized market analysis and strategy recommendations based on the data that powers the company's apps.

In building the new products, GovTribe set out to create solutions that simplify the process of competing in the world of government contracting. By providing access to the real-time activity of agencies, offices, people, vendors, projects and categories, users are able to quickly inform their business development decisions.  GovTribe for iPad is an entirely new product, while GovTribe for iPhone replaces an earlier release of the technology called "hord."

Currently in use by employees of many of the top providers of goods and services to the federal government, GovTribe is revolutionizing the way government contractors pursue and develop business. GovTribe combines open government data with proprietary technology to deliver an experience that echoes a social network. By tracking a person, vendor, agency or project, users receive advanced analytics and ongoing updates on the activity that matters to them.

"I use it constantly in my work to track proposals and updates as well as key people and missions," said Rodrigo Ortiz, a specialist leader with Deloitte Consulting. "It's amazing to be able to do this in real time on an iPhone."

In addition to the mobile applications, GovTribe Custom Reports provide deep insight and analysis of activities and trends in the federal contracting market. GovTribe Custom reports are designed to be immediately usable and include recommendations for entering and competing within specific agencies or service areas.

"Our goal is to provide an affordable and easy way to understand what is going on in government contracting," said GovTribe CEO Nate Nash. "There is a ton of data out there, but accessing the part you care about is expensive and antiquated. We give our customers the information they need, as soon as it happens, for five dollars a month."

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