Goodhart Sons, Inc. is Pleased to Announce that we Have Achieved A Current EMR of .811.

Since 2013, we have set out to elevate our safety performance. We have implemented the following:

  • Incorporated Buy-in from all layers of the workforce and of management, up to and including the CEO. 
  • Formed a safety committee consisting of various positions throughout the company.
  • Increased training in all aspects of safety.
  • Expansive on-boarding of new hires.
  • Perform comprehensive shop and field audits.
  • MSHA and OSHA training and refreshers
  • Daily Safety huddles.

Our Mod Rate over the past 5 years has trended downwards as follows:

                              Effective Date                                    Experience Modification Factor
                                   5/1/14                                                              1.270

                                   5/1/15                                                              1.038

                                   5/1/16                                                              1.001

                                   5/1/17                                                               1 .965

                                   5/1/18                                                               1.811

Our Safety Core Values:

  1.  Nothing we do is worth getting hurt.
  2. Safety can be managed and risks can be controlled.
  3. Every accident should have been prevented.
  4. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  5. Safe behavior is a condition of employment.

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