Goodhart Sons, Inc. Enhances Their 3D CAD Capabilities

Two members of the Goodhart Sons, Inc. Engineering Department have participated in and successfully completed a course in Autodesk Inventor Essentials at Synergis Software in Harrisburg, PA. Detailers Sandy Holsinger and Doug Landis took part in a hands-on course that serves as a foundation by covering the workings of Autodesk Inventor.

Goodhart Sons, Inc. has been using Autodesk Inventor for several years to check inferences and reduce problems that might have previously been caught in production.

"Using 3D Inventor models allows us to quickly, clearly, and accurately solve many design situations and test the conditions in a simulated environment before any steel is cut." says Fabrication Operations Manager Michael Goodhart.

Autodesk Inventor is a 3D CAD software product that offer a comprehensive, flexible set of software tools for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, engineer to order, and design communication. By designing in 3D models, form fit and function can be verified before any steel is touched.

Goodhart Sons, Inc. is a fully equipped steel fabricator with over 175,000 square feet of production space. They are ASME Certified and an AISC Member that is up to the challenge of completing your project with the highest level of quality, on time, and within budget.

Goodhart Sons, Inc. also employs millwrights, riggers, welders, pipefitters, electricians and insulators that travel the country and abroad to install the projects that they fabricate as well as many types of OEM equipment and production lines. Goodhart Sons, Inc. has the experience, knowledge and resources to plan and execute complicated shut-downs.

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