Global Serial Entrepreneur Jan Brandrup Brings Viking Spirit to The CBD World with Neurogan’s New High-Potency Range

San Diego, CA / Accesswire / November 15, 2021 / When entrepreneur Jan Brandrup first set foot on the sunny shores of California, he came ready to conquer. Not to conquer any particular land as his Viking forefathers had done, but to conquer the CBD industry, and not to do so through violent means, but to do so through infusing his products with one of Denmark's other most famous exports: happiness. Now, two years on, his company.

Neurogan's constantly expanding range contains both full spectrum and broad spectrum products in a variety of strengths, including a brand-new high-potency range that pushes the limit of value for money when it comes to consumers integrating CBD into their lives.

Neurogan is dedicated to the craft of providing pure cannabidiol products to promote balanced wellbeing. Within the CBD industry, it demonstrates expert knowledge of the material, uses state of the art methods matched by integrity, and provides genuine customer experiences across the board - building on over 1,000 years of Scandinavian hemp-growing tradition.

The Neurogan Story

Neurogan was founded by Jan Brandrup, who was born and raised in Denmark and has a formal background in mechanical and electrical engineering. A serial entrepreneur, Jan spent decades conducting business in complicated markets, including Russia, Iraq, Iran, South Africa, China, and India. Soon after, he made his way to the West Coast and channeled his global experience, as well as his nostalgia for the memories he held watching his grandmother drink hemp tea in the mornings, to launch into the world of CBD. With a solid grasp of several foreign languages and a knack for connecting with different cultures - in part due to the power of a team based across the world, from Denmark to Macedonia, Sweden, and Mexico - the melting pot that is The United States was indeed a perfect place for Jan to launch Neurogan and rise up the ranks of an increasingly competitive industry.

High Potency For High Impact

Believing fully that CBD products are going to become increasingly valuable as a commodity as people realise their capacity to induce better, more successful days, Jan sought to build up Neurogan's product range around the philosophy that problems shouldn't be addressed when they haven't happened yet - meaning producing nothing but products that are in demand.

In practice, this entailed timing each of its releases around what the market needed then and there - and keeping the standard high each and every time. Not only does this mean that Neurogan doesn't have old products sitting on warehouse shelves that can go bad, but that it can reduce waste and ensure its customers receive fresh, hand-crafted premium hemp products. It's a win-win for both Neurogan's customers and for the future of the planet.

Now, with its recently launched range of high-potency, cannabinoid-rich products, including 120mg gummies and softgels, 12000mg oil droppers, and 16000mg topicals, Neurogan has brought the wide-ranging benefits of CBD to an even wider population at a new industry-leading price.

Neurogan's new high-potency range is a continuation of its heritage as an artisan CBD product producer, which crafts each batch in a private, cGMP and kosher certified manufacturing facility in sunny San Diego. Squeezing 12000mg of whole-plant CBD into a single 2oz tincture - or 16000mg into a single topical - through clean CO2 extraction without a hint of overheating or overprocessing, Jan and his team deliver a product that is as close to the hemp plant's natural array of cannabinoids as possible.

Creating A Lasting Global Legacy

Sitting at the helm of Neurogan, Jan envisions the creation of a legacy in which his company will have played a direct part in making the world a better place, both in terms of the benefits of his products but also in terms of having created a significant amount of jobs.

As 2021 draws to a close, Neurogan is preparing for 2022, continuing the R&D process for a new line of functional cannabinoid topicals, as well as continuing its investigations into new natural ingredients to act as catalysts for improved CBD performance. Finally, Neurogan is planning to go global, targeting Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ukraine, and Russia for the first wave of its international expansion.

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