Glide OS 2.0 Beta Opens Its Doors to the World: Free OS, Desktop and Mobile Application Suite; More Online Storage; Easy Registration

NEW YORK, March 21 -- Today TransMedia is increasing storage allotments for Glide free accounts to 2GBs. Users can also purchase additional allotments of 10GBs of storage for $4.95 a month or $49.95 a year. The Glide OS and complete online desktop and mobile application suite is free.

To make Glide available to more users worldwide, we are simplifying the registration process and removing the Glide SMS registration code requirement. Registrants now only need a valid email address to register for the Glide service.

"By reducing the cost of storage and removing technical barriers, the Glide service will be accessible to a greater number of users worldwide," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. "We believe in the philosophy that more is more and less is less. Glide offers a greater number of free applications than perhaps any other online offering in the market. We are excited to make available Glide's powerful and cost effective online desktop and mobile applications to a wider audience."

Glide Account Options:

Free Account: 2GB of storage, Glide OS and Complete Desktop and Mobile Application Suite

Premier Account: 12GB of storage (includes 2GBs of free storage) for $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year; Glide OS and Complete Desktop and Mobile Application Suite

What does the Glide OS and Desktop and Mobile Application Suite include?

Photo Manager

Music Jukebox

Video Jukebox

Document Manager

Glide Contact Manager

Glide Calendar

Personal Website

Blog and Bookmark Manager

Glide Email

Glide Share

Glide Chat With Live Share (Effective April 4, 2007)

Glide Write

Glide Presenter

Glide Publishing

Glide Photo Editor

Glide Blog

Glide Calculator

Glide Stickies

News RSS Reader

Health News



Featured Media

User Administrative Control Panel

Multi-User Accounts

24/7 Tech Support

Glide Sync (PC and Mac)

Glide Mobile Access

What mobile devices does Glide support?

BlackBerry Pearl (8100)

BlackBerry 8700

BlackBerry 8800

Cingular 8125 (Supports Streaming Media)


HP hw6510

Motorola Razr V3

Motorola SLVR

Motorola ROKR

Motorola Q (Supports Streaming Media)

Nokia 9300

Nokia E62 (Supports Streaming Media)

Nokia 6102i (Supports Streaming Media)

Nokia 6682 (Supports Streaming Media)

Palm Treo 650

Palm Treo 680 (Supports Streaming Media)

Palm Treo 700P (Supports Streaming Media)

Palm Treo 700W (Supports Streaming Media)

Palm Treo 750 (Supports Streaming Media)

Palm LifeDrive

Samsung Blackjack (Supports Streaming Media)

Samsung A707 (Supports Streaming Media)

Samsung D807 (Supports Streaming Media)

Sony Ericsson w600i

Sony Ericsson w810i

TMobile SDA (Supports Streaming Media)

TMobile SideKick

PC and Mac users can sign up for a free Glide account today at or on their cell phones at

This press release was prepared using Glide Write.

Press contact:
Marcus Farny
Glide Effortless
phone: 212 675-6664 ext. 105
email: media@transmx.com

Source: TransMedia Corp.

Web site:

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