Get More for Less Online with Melles Griot HeNe Lasers

Carlsbad, CA – Available from the USA laser facility, Melles Griot Helium Neon Lasers are now temporarily marked down with competitive pricing and lead times and to provide what your system requires, when you need it.

In an effort to improve availability of their most popular HeNe lasers, Melles Griot has listed them online at with up to a 20% discount, for a limited time.  Available HeNe laser lines including 543.5 nm, 594.1 nm and 632.8 nm are offered with either random or linear polarized output. The compact, stabilized HeNe laser system offers excellent frequency stabilization of better than 1 MHz along with the ability to provide full turnkey systems with laser head and controller.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to purchase proven performance paired with long life and field-proven reliability for less.  The sale pricing applies to all online, credit card purchases.

Melles Griot combines deep technical expertise with creative engineering teams who understand how to bring product ideas to market successfully for life science, medical, imaging, semiconductor and defense customers worldwide. From components and optical systems, to laser sources and light engines, our team improves your success by taking a lifecycle approach to product development with close collaboration throughout, delivering a solution that meets customer requirements for performance, cost and quality.  The Melles Griot staff supports their customers with a Commitment Like No Other. For additional information, please visit, Melles

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