GE's LMS100 Gas Turbine Joins the Ecomagination Portfolio of Environmental Products in Australia

HOUSTON, TEXAS-September 19, 2006-GE's LMS100® simple-cycle gas turbine has joined GE's portfolio of ecomagination products and technologies in Australia.
The LMS100 offers 100 megawatts at 45% simple-cycle efficiency with a wide range of operating flexibility for peaking, mid-range and base-load operation with lower start-up emissions and 10-minute starts.

Based on an average peaking season of 3,000 hours, the LMS100 reduces CO2 emissions by more than 63,000 tons when compared to other simple-cycle 100-megawatt gas turbine plants. That is equivalent to the CO2 emissions created by more than 24,000 passenger cars getting 12 liters per 100 kilometers and driving an average of 20,000 km per year. This same CO2 reduction is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by approximately 3,900 hectares of forest, or replenishing 3.4% of the annual Australian timber harvest per machine.

GE's first LMS100 power plant recently entered commercial operation at Basin Electric Power Cooperative's Groton Generation Station located in South Dakota, USA. The unit has successfully completed the following commissioning requirements:
o 12-minute start capability to full power
o Synchronous condenser operation
o Demonstration of guaranteed output, heat rate and emission levels

In addition to meeting these contractual requirements, the LMS100 has also demonstrated the ability to achieve full power from a cold metal start within 10 minutes.

Plant construction began at the Basin Electric site in August 2005 with delivery of the gas turbine generator set in November 2005. First fire was achieved in April 2006 with full-load operation in May. The LMS100 has accumulated 138 hours of operation and 48 starts to date.

GE Energy's aeroderivative division is a leading supplier of aeroderivative gas turbines, gas-fueled reciprocating engines, packaged generator sets and diesel engines for industrial and marine applications. The company provides power-generating equipment to utilities, industries and marine fleets throughout the world. It is also the world's largest and most experienced aeroderivative gas turbine service provider.

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