G.P.I. Vacuum Holddown Tables Emerge in R&D

CHICAGO, IL November 6, 2008 ¯ G.P.I. Inc., (Graphic Parts International) is a foremost supplier of precision vacuum holddown tables recognized for its ability to
produce the flattest, largest, and best performing vacuum tables on the market. The company excels at building customized airflow systems, and the proprietary fabrication process used to produce the Stay-Flat(TM) Vacuum Table results in a non-warping, non-oxidizing flatbed that outperforms its rivals.

Vacuum tables are useful for rapid prototyping and are increasingly being found in
R & D environments where holddown of extremely thin or sensitive substrates is required. Available with cutouts, inserts, disappearing registration guides, lift pins and more, the company's vacuum tables are easily customized to suit almost any need. A variety of sizes (up to 10 X 25'), configurations, and surfaces including anodized aluminum and stainless steel are among the many options offered. For non-conductive and material sensitive applications, phenolic tabletops are also available. Tables are built around an all-aluminum honeycomb core, and the sandwich design yields a superior strength-to-weight ratio for the flattest table in the industry. For added durability, all vacuum tables come standard with extra-thick top and bottom plates. Brushless, maintenance-free vacuum motors are ultra-quiet and emit no sparks, providing a safe and low-noise means of powering the system. For precision removal of component or substrate, blowback devices provide the exact flotation required for successful material handling. Using only the highest grade aluminum, all tables are made to order and built to customer specification at the company's main production facility in Chicago, IL.

For more information contact: Graphic Parts International Inc. at:

4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641-1906 USA. Call 773.725.4900, fax to 773.777.0909, or email sales@awt-gpi.com. Be sure to visit www.gpiparts.com.

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