Future Electronics Offers Greenliant's eMMC NANDrive(TM) to Replace Industrial SD Cards

Pointe Claire, Quebec – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, announces availability of Greenliant's eMMC NANDrive™ to replace industrial SD cards.

Secure Digital (SD) memory cards have been widely used since their introduction in 1999 for mass data storage in various consumer devices. SD cards are ideal for smart phones, digital cameras, tablet computers and GPS devices, but are not used for system boot because they lack execute-in-place (XiP) capability. Many embedded industrial designers may seek to take advantage of the wide availability of SD cards and their relatively low cost per GByte. However, the need for an SD connector and the potential mechanical reliability considerations can be problematic. The removable aspect of SD cards may be useful for some applications, but they are not suitable for storing sensitive user data and embedded systems used in high vibration and shock environments.

As embedded systems shrink, there is a need for even smaller form factor storage than offered by SD cards. Being physically smaller than an SD card, industrial temperature NANDrive solid-state drives (SSDs) are an ideal replacement. No extra connectors are needed because NANDrive is soldered directly onto the PCB, making it resistant to shock and vibration. In addition, no host software changes are required if standard drivers and protocols are used.

For embedded applications that require high reliability, performance and security, eMMC NANDrive offers additional built-in advanced features that cannot be found in today's SD cards, such as a dedicated pin (WP#) for write protection, secure erase and TRIM support. SD cards also lack power interrupt data protection, which is a standard feature in eMMC NANDrive.

The SD command interface is similar to the eMMC interface, but has additional commands related to copy protection. Most standard driver implementations initially use only those commands supported by both standards for the initialization and identification process. After it is clear whether there is an SD or eMMC type device on the host bus, the correct protocols should be employed so most systems will be able to accommodate both SD and eMMC devices.

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